Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Ford Family's Rabid Anti-Semitism

[Author's note 2/17/2014: We have evolved our position on Henry Ford due to discoveries we have made about Zionism and its insidious designs. We leave this essay as is for reference only.]

Henry Ford is often presented as a great American hero who brought the miracle of mass production to bear on the production of cars so that they were affordable to most Americans. He is also portrayed as a pacifist who opposed entry into World War 2. What is left untold is the reason he opposed US entry into the war and it had nothing to do with a love for peace.

Henry Ford is perhaps the vilest anti-Semitic person after Hitler. Ford’s International Jew was circulated among Nazis until such time as Hitler could write Mein Kampf which quoted Ford verbatim in many passages. So much was Ford a hero to Hitler that the latter hung a picture of him behind his desk in his Nazi headquarters office.

Ford was shrewd enough to make the proper noises about pacifism and Jewish sensibilities in public pronouncements, but his words and actions spoke otherwise. Ford tried to distance himself from Hitler when the latter awarded him the Grand Cross of the German Eagle in August 1938 but at that point Ford and his son were working diligently to arm Germany for its upcoming invasions of Europe.

Thus the primary reason Ford opposed US entry into World War 2 was to protect his assets in Europe and to prevent any meaningful opposition to Hitler as he strove to murder 6 million Jews along with an equal number of Christians and other undesirables.

Antony Sutton documents the extensive financial arrangements Ford made to finance Hitler and to conceal the true ownership of Ford-Werke which supplied military vehicles to the Wehrmacht. Ford also registered a new company in Nazi France to produce cars in North Africa.

Large amounts of technology were transferred from Ford in the United States to Nazi Germany including such items as “Gleason gear cutters, Bullard automatics and Ingersoll borers.” Ford also stood ready to supply basic raw materials such as rubber, non-ferrous metals, and other critical industrial materials.

The profits from the Ford operations in Nazi France in 1941 were 58,000,000 francs – a very tidy sum indeed.

Ford factories were also spared during United States Air Force (USAF) raids on the Nazis. Sometimes the British did not get the memo and bombed them nonetheless. But no matter – the Nazi French government compensated Ford for the destruction.

Sutton reports that Breckenridge Long, Assistant Secretary of State, passed private messages from Nazi Ford to Edsel Ford who feared exposure of the news of spared plants. Long also suppressed information coming to the State department about the extermination of Jews in Nazi Europe - a suppression which I interpret as a gross anti-Semitic act which Edsel Ford undoubtedly cheered.

The machinations of the Fords and other American plutocrats were something of an open secret in Washington, but because the government was so dependent upon these industrialists, it had to walk a fine line in dealing with these odious personalities.

While we have focused on the Fords, they were by no means an anomaly among the plutocrats. We will explore the deeds of other financiers in subsequent posts with special interest in the Bush Crime Syndicate.


Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Antony Sutton

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Anonymous said...

Lots of Jews want to demonize Henry Ford since he was outspoken in his views towards them.

When has anyone done anything similar to the scores of anti-goyim comments Israel leaders and famous American Jews have made?

Henry Ford changed the way we live and is a legendary American who should not be disrespected by self obsessed Jews who are holding a 70 year grudge.

Tony Bonn said...

henry ford was a legendary racist who was responsible for sending millions of jews to the gas chambers and to their deaths through his sponsorship of hitler. adolf hitler idolized ford and the latter only distanced himself from former when the publicity started to tarnish him.

if someone engaged in wholesale racial extermination of my people, i, too, would probably hold a grudge for 70 years.

there is no doubt that jews have been as racist as any other and i know of some atrocities for which they should be shamed, but equating racial remarks with gas ovens is sick!

your posts are not welcome here. take your crap and peddle it elsewhere.