Sunday, October 1, 2017

White Genocide

After more than a century of relentless warfare against Caucasians, the White Race is in its death throes and has not much more than a century or two of survival remaining. We describe the perpetrators, their methods, and motives for White Genocide.

The vicious assault against Whites began in earnest internationally with World War 1 during which the Jews pitted the White Anglo-Saxons of the United Kingdom and the United States, with its French and Italian allies, against Anglo-Saxon Germans. It was a fratricidal war which decimated Caucasians, especially the French. The Jewish Winston Churchill used the Gallipoli fiasco as a killing field for his naval and marine forces, then said, "Oops my bad" without suffering any consequences for his feigned incompetence.

The Jewish Winston Churchill, the Jewish Franklin Roosevelt, and the Jewish Josef Stalin orchestrated war in Europe a second time against Adolph Hitler who represented an ideological threat to Zionism and its predatory central banking. Again brother killed brother in a replay of World War 1, but this time with much greater destructive force. The Jewish Winston Churchill resorted to carpet and fire bombing to destroy the loathed Caucasians.

Prior to World War 1, Jews instigated the American Civil War to decimate the White ranks. The Rothschilds backed both sides of the war. When Lincoln dared to issue his own money, the Rothschilds closed ranks to murder him. But in the meantime, they were able to prolong the vicious war with their pretentious self-righteous abolitionist propaganda and deep pockets.

The Jews have not targeted just American Whites, but European - especially as they engaged in wholesale systematic destruction of the White race in the Jewish controlled USSR. At least 60 million Caucasians were murdered by the Jews, and these pusillanimous people did not have the courage to fight back.

All American wars have a goal of depleting and demoralizing the White stock while motivating them to fight wars of Jewish aggression as a demented form of patriotism. But permawars are not the only methods which the oligarchs use to debase American and European societies.

Edward Bernays was the father of propaganda - a man closely associated with America's ruling elite such as the Rockefellers, Morgans, Harrimans and others. He stated that the elite should use mind control techniques, such as mass advertising, to manipulate the thinking of Americans. Thus Skull & Bones alumni Henry Luce founded Time magazine under the auspices of J P Morgan to create a mass circulation news weekly to mold American thinking and values in order to realize Aldous Huxley's Brave New World ushering in the zombie society where dumbed down Americans happily work as slaves on the elitist's plantations.

One of the great propaganda coups of the Bernays acolytes is the creation of White guilt. Presumably it was Whites who were responsible of slavery, but this is a lie. Jews were the great financiers and ship owners of the slave trade. Only a very small percentage of Americans owned slaves. I can assure you that none of my large clan of family on either my paternal or maternal side owned slaves. But the Ivy League schools have made hay with the insidious idea of Dead White Males and their effacement from American history owing in part to the aspersion that they were slave owners or not diversity friendly.

To help realize this dystopia for the oligarchs, Tavistock,  CIA, MK-ULTRA and other projects were initiated to precipitate the new revolution featuring drugs, sex, and rock and roll. The CIA distributed massive quantities of LSD via its agents such as Timothy Leary, Gordon Wasson, and Faul McCartney which in turn created a very profitable revenue stream for all kinds of Eastern Establishment drug distribution empires.

Jewish entertainment executives unleashed all manners of depraved entertainment which glorifies pornography, pedophilia, and abortion, all of which is designed to impede family formation and population growth.

The final assault on the White race is miscegenation in which interracial marriages and relationships are presented as normal. Oftentimes this normalization is achieved by CIA life time actors who play out these perverted relationships with the understanding that slow witted whites will imitate such base behaviors. It is this last attack which is finally extinguishing the Caucasians.

Other extermination tools of the elite include Chemical Trails which crisscross the skies of all major US cities; Genetically Modified Organism foods which brew into formaldehyde in the body; vaccines which cause cancer and autism to create useful idiots; and massive plastics usage which destroys fertility and gender development, and promotes obesity.

As we stated, we do not claim to know why the Jews and their White fellow travelers are hell bent on destroying Whites. It is not because of the Holocaust because it never happened - it is another Jewish lie. Perhaps it is jealousy. After all, most Jews are an amalgamation of many races; so perhaps they resent the purity of the true Caucasians.

Having said that, we would be irresponsible should we fail to offer an informed explanation for elitist hatred of the Caucasians. The answer goes back to the Essenes, a fiercely messianic cult whose writings were preserved in the Qumran caves of Jordan. The Essenes believed that a warrior messiah - much like David - would arrive to deliver them from Roman rule. Their writings, as do the Old Testament writings, call for the complete extermination of Gentile races and enslavement of those few who are permitted to live, especially the hated Romans who subjugated Jews and forced them to worship Caesar as god. This imperial cult eventually became known as Christianity - render unto Caesar.

The Jews have finally emerged from their humiliation to control the world with vengeance taught by the Old Testament and Qumran writings very much on their minds. This we believe is the motive animating their quest to eradicate the White races.

Perhaps the most burning desire of the Jews is to destroy any vestige of God. Only Caucasians can produce blue eyed blondes - people which persons of all races confirm as the most beautiful people on the planet. The eyes of Caucasians are blazing blues, flashing greens, and other magnificent colors. Perhaps racial envy is at the root of the genocidal holocaust..

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