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The Presley Project

If you think that Elvis Presley was a spontaneous combustion of American popular culture of the 1950s who rose from rags to riches, you have been drinking too much of the CIA Kool-Aid. New information has surfaced showing that Presley was an MK-ULTRA project from birth.

The standard hagiography of Presley is that he was the poor son of a tenant farmer who by good fortune and talent stumbled on a career as a music and film idol at the dawn of the Rock & Roll era, only to die prematurely 1977. The story is a contrived hoax of the CIA.

Researcher Miles Mathis has uncovered a great deal of information which sheds light on the real powers behind the Presley phenomenon, and gives us a truer portrait of the entertainer's personality and career.

Presley was born to a Jewish mother whose family were very well connected to prominent Jews, including the disgraced Supreme Court justice Abe Fortas who was forced to resign from the court due to extensive criminal activities.

Presley had a twin brother Jesse Garon who is said to have been delivered still-born and who was buried in an unmarked grave which makes it very convenient to obscure his real fate. According to Mathis, it is a near certainty that Jesse survived because numerous photographs of Elvis are impossible to be the same man. Thus the most reasonable explanation is that Elvis had a double, and what better doppelganger than one's twin brother?

Thus Jesse allowed "Elvis" to maintain a whirling dervish itinerary of activity in music, military, film, and concert.

Mathis describes the many Jews involved in Presley's meteoric career which got so many breaks as to defy credulity, such as appearing on the Jewish Milton Berle Show just a couple of weeks after his first record released as a complete unknown.

The Jewish David Sarnoff's RCA benefitted handsomely from the record deals made for Presley, as did the Dutch native Tom Parker. In fact Parker made far more from the records than did Presley, not because Presley was a poor businessman, but because Presley was property - property of CIA, and its affiliates RCA, Parker, and the Dutch Phillips family.

In time, Jesse let his appearance and health go, perhaps due to medical problems, and thus caused problems with doubling for his brother. Mathis believes that Jesse married Priscilla. The many accounts of Presley's drug addictions to lose weight contradict earlier stories that Elvis was clean as whistle regarding drugs. The most reasonable account is that both stories are true - Elvis took care of himself while Jesse did not.

While this may have been a factor in deciding to close down the act, Mathis also argues that the expense of maintaining two Elvis' may have been too much for the Agency, although we find that thought unpersuasive. It is more probable that Elvis was no longer generating cultural shock, and thus was no longer valuable as a psychological warfare tool. His death would generate plenty of publicity and new income, so keeping Elvis alive was not essential to future revenues.

Thus in August 1977, the trigger was pulled so to speak. Whether Jesse died or fake died we don't entirely know. Dear readers of our past Chronicle on this subject will recall that we were positive that Elvis faked his death, but at that time we had never considered the possibility that his twin was involved in the Presley Project. As such, we need to re-open the investigation. In any event, at least one "Elvis" survived the reports of his own death.

So what was the purpose of the Presley Project? It was designed, years in advance of its execution, to debase American society through sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. Such debasement would lead to destruction of the family unit and  decreases in the White population, thus exacting revenge by the Jews on the races they believed crushed Jerusalem in 70 AD. Forgiveness is not part of the Jewish lexicon.

Presley was an authentic talent who still has legions of fans, but he was a puppet in a much larger game to corrupt traditional American values.

Miles Mathis, Elvis Aron Presley: Intelligence Project, December 15, 2015

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