Friday, October 13, 2017

Meet Miles Mathis, Polymath

We stumbled upon a remarkable man whose attraction to us was not necessarily his varied and sundry interests, but his ability to think originally about historical events and squeeze truth out of establishment (CIA) sources.

We are speaking of Miles Mathis, a true Renaissance man whose interests stretch from art to physics, mathematics, science, history, poetry, and most likely much more, interests which some may see as mutually exclusive - unless of course one is speaking of a bonafide polymath.

It is all the more remarkable that we would endorse Mathis' writings because it is not our habit to champion Jews whom we regard as a source of many of the great ills in the Western world. Mathis describes himself either as Jew or half Jew, the latter of which might be akin to being half pregnant. However Mathis is very objective in assigning responsibility where it is due and holds no prejudicial animus towards Jews.

One example where Mathis has shown originality is in the computation of pi which anyone with grade school mathematics education would tell you is 3.14 ad infinitum world without end. However in the case of our mathematician, we learn that it is 4 when dealing with a circle in motion. He provides the proof which should turn the world of mathematics upside down, but for some reason is being suppressed - we can't imagine why (wink wink).

Where we are most captivated with Mathis, however, is in the sphere of history where he has exposed more faked history than Carter has pills. Even as hardened Conspiracy Scientists we were shocked at the number of faked deaths reported as authentic. While we could not enumerate all of them, to name just a few, consider that all of these people's deaths were faked: Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and so many more.

Mathis' methodology is to examine the standard texts of these events - which in a sick way often means consulting Wikipedia - to examine them for consistency. Stories with a considerable number of inconsistencies, or requests for suspension of disbelief, become candidates for complete dismissal.

An example is the assassination of President Lincoln in Ford's theater. While we have written previously that we do not believe that John Wilkes Booth murdered the president, we were not bright enough to suppose that Lincoln had not been murdered at all. It is this unique ability to begin at ground zero and to question everything about a story which make Mathis a coruscating intellect.

Continuing with the example of Lincoln, Mathis asks why an actor would risk his reputation and life for killing a president, and then stop on stage after a 15 foot jump to make a short speech, and then be able to escape without one single person in the audience or cast attempting to rush him, as there must have been many armed military men in the house that evening.

The other critical observation Mathis made is that Lincoln was not taken to a hospital, the likes of which existed in abundance in Washington, DC. This point alone serves to undermine the thesis that Lincoln was shot. It also explains to us why General Grant, Robert Lincoln, and a couple of other potential guests refused the invitation to accompany the President to the play. Perhaps these episodes were faked as well. The fakery of assassination is also the reason Mary did not go to the funeral. Why should she? - it was for some other man or none at all.

Mathis even suggests that Booth was dead at the time of the fake assassination and would have therefore been a perfect patsy.

The other major technique Mathis uses in deconstructing fake history is genealogy which has proven time and again to identify the same powerful families behind both fake and real murders. More intriguing is that so many - perhaps a majority - link back to the British Peerage which at times seems to be primarily Jewish.

While Mathis prizes truth over lies, even when it implicates Jews, he always writes in an irenic fashion - ie, he does not demonize Jews, recognizing that both Jewish and Gentile financial elites are behind the many frauds and desecrations of history. From this stance, Mathis makes the ostensibly reasonable proposal to appeal to the reason of perhaps the 50 most powerful men in the world rather than to fight them - the latter proposition being dead on arrival. While we like the idea, we are not optimistic since these men tend to be psychopathic, a confession of which one bankster made in an article published by Zero Hedge many moons ago. The bankster in question said that "we cannot help ourselves" in connection with fleecing people and the system.

Regarding art, we are not firstly drawn to portraiture, but nonetheless respect Mathis' work. He has pointed out how the Rockefellers and its CIA have totally destroyed art by ignoring and denigrating representational art in favor of such modernist forms as Abstract Expressionism. We were heart warmed to read Mathis' appreciation of William Merritt Chase and John Singer Sergeant, to which list we like to add Childe Hassam.

If you want to understand Western history over the past 1000 years, you must take Miles Mathis with you on that journey.

Miles W Mathis,

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