Thursday, October 26, 2017

Did Lady Diana Fake Her Death?

With all of the fake events such as Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, etc, one must ask if anything in the world is real, including the death of one-time Princess Diana. Although we do not have sufficient proof to make an adamant conclusion, we think that enough evidence exists to suggest that Diana indeed faked her own death.

There are many reasonable conspiracy theories which suggest that Diana was murdered. There are enough confessions, mysterious incidents, and ambiguous news to give rise to the idea that the one-time princess was murdered. We think that Occam's razor rescues us from that conclusion, although we are not opposed to it in principle should sufficient evidence emerge to substantiate it.

A simpler conclusion is that Diana faked her death to escape torrid media spotlights and to lead a more normal life. We suspect that Queen Elizabeth or her former husband Charles gave Diana the opportunity to leave at the peak of her fame in exchange for not sullying the royal line with Muslim lines, although it had long been overrun by Jews, and perhaps that is the main point.

We are drawing from memory some of the key events of the crash, so we might be mistaken in some details and will stand corrected if indeed we are. But for starters, Diana predicted her own death which some see as an ill omen or that an assassination attempt was being plotted. But a simpler read of the notes she shared with her bodyguard is that she knew she was soon to fake her death. Writing the note created a lot of noise and distraction from the real facts - ie a cover story to confuse.

Complementing this idea is Diana's disclosure on the day of her "death", according to Lillian Zhang, to Richard Kray of the Daily Mail that she was planning to retire from public life.

A couple of key anomalies at the accident scene also reinforce the idea that Diana faked her death. One is that initial witnesses reported that the vehicle in which she and Dodi were riding suffered limited damage - certainly not enough to be fatal. Another witness observed Diana alive and coherent as she was placed in the ambulance.

Yet there was nearly 1.5 hours delay in arriving at the hospital which was only 10 minutes away. So 2 explanations present themselves. One is that Diana was murdered. The other is that her body was swapped for a fake while she and Dodi were taken to a royal jet to be flown to God-knows-where.

Given the penchant for the elite to fake deaths as Miles Mathis has shown again and again, we are inclined to believe that Diana faked her death and is most likely still alive. All of the stories about MI-6 involvement in her murder are noise. They most likely were involved in helping to fake it or in creating confusing conspiracy theories for never would MI-6 act to murder her without full royal consent which includes not just Phillip, but the very powerful Spencers and other prominent parties.

Our case is not ironclad. It would be nice to see a photo of her today as we have seen of John Lennon. But the idea that the royals would kill one of their own is an even greater stretch.

Lillian Zhang, Princess Diana's death faked?, May 28, 2012,, accessed 10/26/2017

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