Thursday, October 19, 2017

Was Hitler Jewish?

Claims of Adolph Hitler's Jewish roots have circulated for years, but recent genealogical tracings strongly suggest that the reports are true. If so, what does this mean for our understanding of World War 2?

The most recent evidence we encountered comes from Miles Mathis whose extensive paper on the topic seems to seal as fact the suspicion that Hitler was Jewish in both his maternal and paternal lines. It also explains why Hitler's genealogy goes dark in several and unreasonable places - as if the Jewish controlled press is attempting to hide this fact.

But it is not just Hitler who was Jewish. Mathis shows that most of the senior Nazi leadership was Jewish, including Martin Bormann, Adolph Eichmann, Rudolph Hess, Heinrich Himmler and so many more.

The implications are staggering because it shows that World War 2 was a Jewish food fight, so to speak, where Gentiles were slaughtered like cattle. In other words, Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill, and Mussolini were all Jewish and they were, especially Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill, the instigators of World War 2.

For those who might accept the idea that Hitler was Jewish but then suggest that he was a self-loathing Jew, we would quickly point out that there is no such thing. Of all peoples, Jews are very tribalistic and narcissistic, meaning that they are extremely chauvinistic and supportive of all things Jewish. There isn't even the remotest chance that a Jewish Hitler would be against Jews.

If you haven't figured it out by now, the Holocaust was a gigantic hoax, one which the Jews had been perpetrating since the 1850s. There isn't a shred of evidence that Hitler sponsored any extermination of Jews. Of what the whining Jews neglect to inform you is that far more Gentiles died in Germany than did Jews, and that the deaths were the direct result of Allied bombing which made it impossible for the Germans to maintain healthy living conditions in the work camps.

No Jew was killed with Xyklon B - a delousing agent used as such, or in gas chambers which were strictly crematoria. These ludicrous lies should cause Gentiles everywhere to rise in revolt against Jews.

Hitler was also an early champion of resettling Jews in Palestine although there was no open enthusiastic support of that idea at the time. Consequently other relocation plans were pursued including to Madagascar of all places.

But didn't Hitler defy the Rothschilds and lift the yoke of the Allies who had ruined the nation with its crushing war reparations? Yes, and he also moved against the Jews by imposing restrictions on their employments. These actions were very popular with Germans who recognized that the Jews among them were traitors who had sold them out in World War 1 and would do the same in World War 2. These popular acts paved the way for Hitler's assumption of extraordinary power.

Thus, assuming that Hitler was indeed Jewish, we must conclude that he was controlled opposition to move Jews out of Germany into the United States and other western nations, as well as setting up the inevitability of a Jewish state for the Rothschilds. His legacy would guarantee to neutralize any animosity toward Jews while they enslaved the rest of humanity which they see as so many beasts of burden.

Indeed Mathis uncovers abundant evidence that Hitler was an intelligence operative working for Jewish industrialists who wished to re-arm Germany for one more massive butchering. Hitler was above all else an actor doing the bidding of his patrons.

Hitler's act as an antagonist would then explain his fake death about which we have see-sawed. We originally accepted the revisionist stories that Hitler faked his death and escaped to Argentina. Then we rejected those accounts assuming that Hitler was a non-Jew who championed the German people against Western and Jewish oppressions and thus would have gone down with the ship so to speak. As it turns out, the Fuhrer most likely survived his death.

CIA (main stream) news sources admit that DNA tests show that Hitler had Jewish blood, but they stop short of stating that he was Jewish as only a liar could circumlocute. This seems to us a limited hangout operation. If other independent sources can confirm the genealogical evidence presented by Mathis, then we have a major rewrite of history on our hands.

Miles Mathis, Hitler's Genealogy, January 16, 2017,

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Tony Bonn said...

Mr Miles - please do not post here any more. As you can see I removed your petulant remarks brimming with their majoring-in-the-minors agitation over possibly erroneous assertions on my part that you admitted to having some Jewish ancestry. You make Richard Nixon's alleged paranoia look absolutely sane.

For the record, your comment "...on another page claim I have admitted being a Jew or half-Jew--which is not true" will stand as a corrective to a possible error on my part.