Sunday, December 11, 2016

Will the CIA Murder Trump?

The 2016 election stunned the American intelligentsia who had been cocksure of an electoral victory for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. Many important clues have been left in the open suggesting that the CIA will murder Trump, preferably before he takes office.

The CIA is an old hand at toppling governments, murdering heads of state, and concocting elaborate cases of plausible deniability to prove that they were not behind the assassinations. CIA has been directly involved in all kinds of sinister covert operations since its founding in 1947 as a special enforcement arm of big industry and elitists who think of themselves as Jedi Ninja Grandmasters of the Universe.

It would be impossible to fully document the cases where the CIA has reared its ugly head, but some of the most visible, some of which CIA has openly admitted, include Iran 1954, Guatemala 1954, Philippines 1955, Indonesia 1967, Panama (numerous), Congo 1961, Brazil 1964, Chile 1971, and on and on with recent incursions into Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and Egypt.

We would be remiss to omit its murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 at Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

None of these cases, especially that of Kennedy, should suggest that CIA acts alone. It is always in concert with other agencies, governments, and persons who create a web of Teflon to deflect suspicion of Murder, Inc.

In the case of Kennedy, the establishment was orchestrated into a frenzy of hate against Kennedy for a number of policy decisions especially regarding Cuba, Viet Nam, and the Steel strikes.

In the case of Trump, an even more ferocious onslaught has occurred, perhaps because the Clintons are a CIA couple to whom the agency owes special favors, or who has special uses for the traitors.

The first reaction of the CIA controlled press, Anderson Cooper being a total CIA agent, was to express outrage and disbelief that Clinton lost the electoral vote. This anger was a cue to the Soros mobs to ship protestors to key cities to incite pandemonium and violence. Zero Hedge reported that police in both Portland, OR and North Carolina stated that most of the arrestees were from out of state, clearly pointing to a conspiracy to disrupt civil order.

CNN anchors mocked Trump supporters who were beat up by the thug protestors.

The Clinton camp immediately launched a full court press to coerce through intimidation, bribery, and other unethical means electors of the Electoral College to switch their votes from Trump to Clinton, a highly unprecedented move in American politics. One elector who was pledged to Trump has announced that he would vote for Clinton.

Clinton operatives simultaneously used the Jew Jill Stein to launch a series of recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The one in Michigan was shutdown by court order. The preposterousness of a candidate who at most earned 1% of the popular demanding a recount is stunning in its contempt for the voters.

CNN anchors and Michael Moore have made public and private comments that it would be funny if something bad happened to Trump. This is smoking gun evidence that CIA is working on a plot to murder the president-elect. News organizations are mouthpieces for the CIA and its allied controllers. Therefore none of these comments wishing death upon Trump were made without prior clearance.

Within a week of Clinton's loss, a professor at a Northeast college compiled a list of fake news websites, with the Washington Post piling on to bolster the CIA's intimidation. We suspect that FBI and CIA provided this professor with the initial fake news site list.

The purpose of the list is to censor news, and direct people away from sites which contradict official CIA propaganda. To keep people barefoot and stupid is the ruling elite's method of control.

We should remind readers that Bob Woodward of the Post is Naval intelligence and most likely CIA. Ben Bradlee, one time executive editor of the Washingtom Post was a CIA asset who participated in the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer in order to help cover up the murder of John Kennedy.

CIA most recently has launched its own fake news about Russian involvement in US elections. The hypocrisy would be laughable except that the Agency murders Americans the way New Yorkers order a pastrami sandwich. The agency has intoned with utmost solemnity that Russia actively participated in US elections to deny Clinton victory. Of course it is always everyone else's fault that the Clintons fail.

The hypocrisy is especially delicious when we recall that State Department, CIA, and arch-Traitor John McCain orchestrated the coup in Ukraine to remove a popularly elected president in the buildup to another one of their regime changes. But CIA is whining about undue influence because its candidate lost.

The shtick of blaming the Russians is an old one which the Jews have been practicing since the Red Revolution of 1917. It was also used briefly in the Kennedy murder to show that CIA agent Lee Oswald was a loose canon who murdered the President, when in reality he was the patsy which the CIA used as scapegoat for its own crimes.

The main point of raising the Russian bogeyman is to provide a way out for Americans who would express anger at the murder of Trump. In other words, the Agency is saying that Trump was evil and he deserved what he got.

All we can say is that Trump should watch his back. We are not fans of Trump, but the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

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