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Obama's Birth Certificate, Breitbart, and Bin Laden

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio issued the final report of the Cold Case Posse which investigated the birth certificate of President "Barack Hussein Obama" which he posted on in April 2011. He concluded emphatically that the document is a forgery, and that the president committed at least one felony in even posting a manufactured document.

While this news is hardly earth shattering, it does reconfirm findings by independent investigators that the Obama long form birth certificate is totally manufactured with significant elements coming from the authentic birth certificate of Johanna Ah'nee.

Lead investigator Mike Zullo said during the December 15 press conference that the rumor that a Xerox 7655 copier introduced the anomalies indicating manufacture was entirely bogus. He named two independent document examiners who both confirmed that the White House birth certificate was a forgery.

The investigation used the independent services of Reed Hayes, a court recognized authority with 40 years experience in forensic document analysis, and a man who was reluctant to take the case because he voted for Obama twice, and didn't want to "do anything to hurt the president."

Zullo also contracted For Labs of Italy, another firm with digital document expertise which trains law enforcement personnel all over Europe in matters of document production and forgery.

Arpaio instructed Zullo in 2012 to clear the document because he was certain that it was authentic. After consulting with the 2 aforementioned document specialists, Arpaio's criminal investigation concluded that the document on was a forgery.

While the Sheriff and Zullo were careful to state the investigation concerned the nature of the document only, we would call such posturing naïve. Obama himself, along with his Chief of Staff Valerie Jarret, personally supervised the production and misrepresentation of the document, meaning that Obama is liable to felony criminal prosecution on multiple counts.

We have stated numerous times that "Obama" is a CIA candidate who has helped the CIA takeover the United States for Jewish interests. In no way does the CIA represent American interests. It is a criminal organization dedicated to Jewish mobster insurrection against the United States. It will not accept the election of Donald Trump, and we have openly warned the president-elect that his life is in danger from CIA.

Nearly all members of the current Congress have been provided the information uncovered by Arpaio's investigation, and yet they refuse to investigate or impeach the man who has allegedly committed felonies.

Dr Bradley Manning noted that at the time of the initial crisis concerning "Obama's" birth certificate in April 2011, he and the CIA quickly orchestrated the fake news of killing Osama bin Laden who actually died December 15, 2001. bin Laden was in fact a CIA agent who held senior rank, and was used as the patsy for the Jewish planned and orchestrated 9/11 attacks on the United States.

When the fake news broadcasters, including CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, New York Times, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, almost all of which are Jewish owned or controlled, announced that bin Laden had been killed, Drudge and Breitbart had information confirming that the attack on bin Laden was a hoax.

In order to keep the lie silent, CIA and Mossad shot down the Chinook helicopter carrying the 22 Navy Seals alleged to have carried out the fake killing. Immediately following, traitor David Petraeus, and Leon Panetta were promoted, to DCI and Secretary of Defense respectively, with a warning to Petraeus to keep his mouth shut if he wanted to live. Petraeus later distributed highly classified information through his mistress which scandal forced him from office.

Andrew Breitbart also got the information about the fake killing from WikiLeaks. CIA immediately launched an assassination team to murder him.

The Next News Network reported that its contacts at CIA confirm that it is well known that "Obama's" birth certificate is a forgery, and that "Obama" may not even be a US citizen, a conclusion confirmed by Manning's observations that "Obama's" very first act as president was to seal all of his records because they confirm that he was a foreign exchange student.

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