Friday, December 30, 2016

The Patsification of Jack Ruby, Part 2

New evidence has come to light over the past year which completely revamps our understanding of Jack Ruby, the man who allegedly murdered Lee Oswald on November 24, 1963 at the Dallas Police Department in downtown Dallas. We present a second installment of truth we had never encountered before concerning Ruby's whereabouts on November 22.

We published a summary of Ralph Cinque's ground-breaking study of the man shown on network television shooting Oswald which concludes that FBI agent James Bookhout (1914-2009) was the assailant. Jack Ruby had been apprehended at about 10:20 that morning - and was indisposed to carrying out a planned assassination.

Another cache of evidence has come forth definitively establishing the whereabouts of Jack Ruby from early Friday morning until after the murder of John Kennedy by the CIA and Secret Service. The witness is James Coley who was an advertising agent for the Dallas Morning News, one of whose clients was Jack Ruby.

Before we review Coley's account, it is worthwhile noting some of the theories and ideas about Ruby's movements on that day. One of the more striking is the testimony of Julie Ann Mercer who said that she saw Ruby in a light green pickup truck near Dealey Plaza carrying rifles up to the fence area.

Another story states that he was in Dealey Plaza keeping tabs on Lee Oswald at the Texas School Book Depository. Others have stated that he was at Parkland Memorial Hospital planting the magic bullet more formally known as CE-399. Some accounts place him at the Dallas Morning News. In short, Jack was a very busy man according to these various stories, having the same problem as Lee Oswald being in three places nearly simultaneously.

Coley's story is eminently more sensible. He says that the underworld braggadocio was in the coffee shop of the DMN downtown office where he habitually met Coley on Fridays to buy his weekend advertising for his strip clubs. Coley met with Ruby for about an hour before making his regular sales calls that morning. When he returned after 11a, Coley found Ruby still in the office, and it was the ad man's distinct impression that Ruby had been there the whole time.

He went out to Main and Houston with a colleague, Charley Mulkia (sp), to watch the motorcade. After hearing the noises from the assassination, he returned to the office no earlier than 12:45p where he found Ruby still sitting at Jack Newnam's (sp) desk, the man who handled Ruby's downtown club account. When Ruby heard the news, he ran to promotions director Dick Jefferies' secretary's office to make a phone call.

Coley states that Ruby was no fan of Kennedy's, but we can clearly see that he was not involved in the murder activities that day, and perhaps hung out at the Morning News to provide an alibi for himself. We now know conclusively that Ruby was at the Dallas Morning News offices all morning at least until around 1p.

One other speculation about Ruby concerns the man in the fedora in the Altgens 6 photograph which was mercilessly altered to remove Lee Oswald's presence on the stairs of the TSBD at precisely the same moment that the CIA snipers were murdering the president. That fedora hat man has often been identified as Ruby, but it is absolutely impossible for Ruby to be the man since he was camped out at the Dallas Morning News ad offices. The man in the hat was most likely James Bookhout who shot Oswald on national television.

It is not entirely clear to us why Ruby was wasted, but certainly knowing too much was part of the hedging, and probably because he knew Lee Oswald too well.


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Anonymous said...

a lot of people in Texas and New Orleans have stated
they have seen Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald together.
1.Anna Lewis .2.Frances Irene Hise 3.Don Stewart 4.Charles
Arndt 5.Robert K. Patterson Harrison daughter/neice
7.Margaret Cartland Husband.8,Billy Briggs Ruby bandleader.
9.Mr Mrs Dick Loomis 10.Wilburn Waldon Litchfield,11.Clyde
Malcolm Limbough12.John Merrick 13.Emory the Barber,
14.Dixie Lynn Stripper 15.Numerous Jack ruby strippers and
Employees -even Mark Lane recorded some of them.
16.Nancy Powell tammy True 17.Gene Davis Ship Ahoy
18.Coffee house Drive In 5060 W Lovers Lane (people there)
19.Clyde Malcolm Limbough 20.Leander D'Avery 21.EtC.
Infor provided by John Armstrong Collection ..

Tony Bonn said...

yes, but the key to interpretation is which Lee Harvey Oswald - ie are we speaking of LEE or of HARVEY? I also believe that there was yet another Oswald about which I will post one day soon.