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Carl Mather's Plymouth and the Fake Lee Oswald

After recently reading an excellent article about the vehicle spotted by auto mechanic T F White on November 22, 1963 at the El Chico restaurant in Dallas' Oak Cliff neighborhood, I wanted to make a few remarks on the incident which ties it to the Texas Theater where Lee Oswald was arrested.

The story regarding White is that he spotted around 2p a suspicious looking driver of a 1957 blue Plymouth in the parking lot of the El Chico restaurant across the street from Mack Pate's auto repair shop where White worked. Because he heard sirens related to the assassination of Tippit or arrest of Oswald, his heightened alertness prompted him to cross the street to more closely inspect the vehicle and driver. After getting a good frontal look at the driver, he wrote down the license plate number as PP 4537.

Later that evening, White recognized the man as Oswald when he saw him on television. The 60 year auto mechanic did not know that Oswald had impersonators.

The FBI was alerted to the information whereupon they interviewed White and Pate. The topic of an assassination threat to Kennedy in Houston the day before involving a red Ford Falcon came up during conversation with Pate, which the FBI used to describe the vehicle which White saw. So instead of seeing a blue 1957 Plymouth, the FBI said that White had seen a red 1961 Ford Falcon. This discrepancy in stories has been long used by Warren Commission shills to discredit White. The discredit goes to the FBI and its supporters whose error was intentional.

The FBI discovered that the license plate belonged to a vehicle owned by Carl Amos Mather of the Collins Radio company which was a major CIA contractor. The Mathers were said to be friends of the Tippits, a claim which we have been unable to substantiate. Because Mather was a CIA spook, he invoked "national security", so to speak, to refuse interviews, but the FBI interviewed his wife who provided no useful or reliable information.

Years later Mather would demand immunity to speak to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, which is proof of guilt in the crimes against President Kennedy and JD Tippit. The HSCA lost a valuable opportunity to interrogate one of the accomplices of the murders and to uncover the full extent of Collins Radio in the crimes.

If Tippit and Mather were friends, would both have been involved in the crimes of the CIA? But this leads to a connection to Oswald. As reported elsewhere in our Chronicles, there was indeed an Oswald look alike who was used to frame and implicate Oswald as a murderer and a lone nut.

At approximately 1:50p, the Texas Theater had two men bearing striking likeness to each other. Both men were arrested with one taken out the front, and the other out the back. The man taken out the back was the imposter Oswald who was then taken to the nearby Plymouth which he then drove to the El Chico restaurant where he was spotted by White.

It's not a huge point, but quite interesting that the Oswald imposter was seen so quickly after his departure from the Texas Theater. As we opined previously, this man may have been the one who was part of the murder of Tippit at approximately 1:06p. Insofar as a man resembling Oswald was witnessed at the Tippit murder scene, this imposter was the man.

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