Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Gravity Hoax

Gravity does not exist. It is a farce invented by Freemason Isaac Newton to justify the heliocentric model which has the earth orbit around the sun. There isn’t a shred of proof for gravity’s existence.
The learned reader might retort that gravity does exist because he was taught in prestigious schools that it is a real force and even solved complex problems, some with calculus, involving gravitational attractions, influences, and workings.
Unfortunately learning something – even in a university – is not proof of anything other than one has been taught something. A far greater intellectual effort is required to prove a truth. The astute reader might respond that the genius Albert Einstein believed in gravity, but we would remind our reader that the fraud Einstein was often photographed sticking his tongue out at us, displaying his utter contempt for the people who believed his rancid lies. Even so, a genius' belief in something is not proof of anything.
A historically minded reader might inform the author that Newton discovered gravity by observing an apple fall from a tree. A logically minded writer might respond that this proved nothing of the sort – only that the tree let loose its grip on the apple. And thus we come to the crux of our argument.
An apple falls from a tree because there is no countervailing force to keep it suspended in its position at the tree. In other words, the density of the apple is greater than the density of the air, and it totally lacks the aerodynamics to stay afloat as might a feather for some period of time after being loosed from a tether. Thus the apple falls to the ground with accelerating velocity in proportion to its height from the ground.
We do not – at least not yet – deny that for calculational purposes that an object falls at 32 feet/sec2, but this acceleration constant is not due to the effect of gravity but to the air pressure or atmosphere which governs its rate of descent - which according to experimental results is reasonably negligible.
If the air were as dense as bricks, the apple would not fall to the ground when the tree loosed its hold.
The problem with the theory of gravity is that it is a deus ex machina of fake physics, which subject conveniently has the power to keep vast oceans clinging to an alleged sphere while allegedly spinning at 1038 mph at the equator, allegedly orbiting about the sun at 67,000 mph, and about the galaxy at an even dizzier speed. Yet we are able to effortlessly lift a can of cancer water to our lips without the slightest thought of overcoming this great force. These and other paradoxes of gravity have caused “scientists” to declare gravity a weak force and to recast it as curvature in space rather than an electromagnetic force. The great Tesla laughed at space curvature.
(One might respond that Tesla's laugh proves nothing, and so we concede. But since there was nothing proven in the first place, the laugh is a propos.)
Some of the other problems with gravity include the paradox of the earth not pulling the moon into itself and vice versa since both objects supposedly have gravitational pull. Both bodies, in turn should be sucked into the sun. But the heliocentrists invented the nonsense of the orbiting and rotational forces to help explain why gravity does not consume us all. The theoretical physicists have invented one gigantic Rube Goldberg contraption to keep the masses bamboozled.
Falling objects may have acceleration, but they do not accelerate due to gravity. Objects fall to the earth because no countervailing force prevents them from doing otherwise.
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