Thursday, April 28, 2016

The End of the Carbon Fuel Age

Carbon fuels have been such an organic part of the American economy for at least 150 years that it may seem inconceivable that these energy sources are on the wane. Several facts point to their declines, a process in motion since the turn of the century.

One anecdotal evidence for the demise of carbon fuels is, as reported by Dr Jim Willie, that the Rockefellers divested around 85% of their energy holdings in 2014-15. For a family which made its trillions (yes, with a t) in oil and energy, it seems a bit strange that this so-called smart money is exiting the industry of its financial birth.
Perhaps the 75% decline in American gasoline consumption since 2000 is part of the gloomy prospect for oil, a decline undoubtedly facilitated by concerted fuel efficiency measures. Another factor in the further decline in gasoline consumption is the emergence of hybrid and hydrogen fueled vehicles. The recent attack on Volks Wagon by the US government in Washington and Tianjin was triggered by its intention to release an engine which gets 200 mpg through proprietary technology using steam.
But it is not just fuel efficiency which is tapering the demand for carbon fuels. Alternative sources of energy are already at hand such as cold fusion, a technology viciously crushed – but not killed - by the Rothschild-Rockefeller combine working in concert with the military industrial complex of the United States. We have published previously the viability of cold fusion as a net producer of energy, and which is already in production.
Most people are aware of the steady gains of solar and wind energy, but another kind of energy associated with the sun is fusion energy, the kind where atoms are fused rather than split. Veterans Today reported some exciting new advances in this field which will allow production of commercially cheap energy with zero emissions.
EMC2 is the company behind the technology it calls inertial electrostatic confinement which uses plasma gas trapped in a magnetic cube to generate energy. Although the company has not produced a net positive energy generator, it believes that it is 3 years away from doing so. EMC2 has been in business since 1985.
If it is able to meet its goal, fusion based energy plants should begin construction around 2030. In the meantime, solar energy advances, cold fusion maturity, and wind technologies should foment a precipitous decline in the use of carbon fuels.
The astute reader will note that we have not referred to fuels such as petroleum as fossil fuels. This is because oil is not a fossil fuel – an exceptionally idiotic idea foisted upon the stupid American. Geofuels such petroleum, coal, and natural gas are abiotic substances produced by the inner earth’s mysterious operations. Many oil fields have replenished themselves as a consequence of such earthly movements. We do not buy the baseless idea that the earth would ever run out of carbon fuels.
On the other hand, it is nice to not put one’s eggs in one basket. With the confluence of these emerging technologies, not only will true energy diversification become a reality, but we will be able to apply energy in very productive ways to raise living standards – if only the people of the world rise to destroy the hegemony of the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Windsor Satanists.
Ian Greenhalgh, Fusion technology breakthrough could herald demise of coal, Veterans Today, April 25, 2016, accessed 4/28/2016

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