Monday, April 4, 2016

Do Nuclear Weapons Exist?

A documentary film claims that nuclear weapons do not exist - that they were a hoax to instill fear, and thus willingness to finance through extortion a vast component of the military industrial complex. The producer may be right, but he failed to make his case.
There is indeed a difference, sometimes quite fine, between being right and proving it. The film in question, Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist, is a most tedious production of nearly 2 hours which shows a collage of film footage documenting the evolution of the nuclear arms race from its inception in the late 1930s when 3 scientists sent President Roosevelt a letter warning of the possibilities of nuclear weapons, down to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
The narrator chimes in periodically to make vacuous statements such as "Here is the United States detonating another fake atomic bomb," followed by many minutes of 1950s news reels reporting yet another bomb test. As a rhetorical effort, this documentary rates an F-. Chopping the documentary to 15-30 minutes would immediately raise its grade to a C.
On the other hand, if one distills the vast prolixity to its fundamental points, the author of the film raises interesting questions, though he never gets around to substantiating them.
If we have understood the points correctly, the theses run as follows: Albert Einstein, along with 2 other scientists, "conveniently" warns of German capability to produce an atomic weapon. This cues FDR to launch a massive, secret military operation to build an atomic bomb before the Germans do so.
These vast expenditures are predicated upon nothing but the musings of theoretical physicists who suppose that atomic explosions are possible, but who have no experimental evidence to substantiate their speculation. In a large and improbable string of first try successes, the Manhattan Project scientists produce an atomic bomb whose first live trial on July 16, 1945 is a rousing success.
From that point forward, the United States, then joined by other world powers, produces an ever scarier range of weapons and potencies to scare billions of people with impending doom, justifying ever more governmental secrecy and extortion of tax dollars to "defend" their countries, and at the same time avoid nuclear war.
The author then concludes that since no nuclear wars were ever conducted, then the weapons were illusory - that nuclear weapons were psychological warfare devices used against citizens to cow them through fear.
Rarely if ever in the 100+ minutes of the documentary is any coherent evidence offered or any argumentation made to support its primary points. But as conspiracy analysts, we can read between the lines to offer a more cogent case.
The narrator makes the point that the nuclear test films were faked using conventional explosives, noting that no full uncut films were ever made available to the public. He also argues that destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were fire bombed, like Tokyo, rather than nuclear bombed. We think that the argument has merit, but as with the entire film, no evidence is presented except for contemporary films, from which viewers are supposed to believe through osmosis from the producers that the damage in front of us is indeed from fire bombs rather than from nuclear.
The author also suggests that the science of atomic bombs was largely voodoo science since there were too many improbabilities and impossibilities to overcome in such a short time for producing bombs, and that time after time the interventions of deus ex machina resolved insuperable obstacles - one of which was the ignition of a controlled chain reaction of nuclear fissures, and the filtration of U235 from U238 and the production of plutonium.
Again we believe that the thesis is interesting and plausible, but it was short on evidence. Nevertheless we are convinced that the author was correct because we know of the massive fakery that the US government used in the moon program, so we suspect that an equal amount of fakery was used in the atomic bomb project. Since no went to the moon, let alone landed on it, then the atomic weapons project was an equally complete hoax.
It would be nice to see scientific evidence evaluating the merits of the atomic bomb theories and potentials given 1940s science.
One interesting note made in the film was that Enrico Fermi was prevented from examining the site of the Trinity Test after the explosion. His lead lined vehicle conveniently broke down before he could reach it. Thus there are no independent eye witnesses to the detonation aftermath.
This pattern continues with the atomic testing program in a similar manner where many detonations are conducted underground or in the atmosphere, meaning that there is no observable independent evidence that nuclear bombs were ever actually detonated.
Our views are quite mixed overall on the effectiveness of the documentary. On the one hand we found it a dreadful use of time whose pain was alleviated by the ability to play hearts while listening to the narration, but on the other, we were presented with doubts we had not entertained before about the authenticity of the nuclear program. We suspect that the program was indeed a faked psychological operation against the American people, and that the nuclear science was a complete hoax, but we are still waiting for a more cogent case.

Edmund Matthews, Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist: The New Documentary, A Virgin of Wellew Production, nd

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Anonymous said...

If they were fire bombs then how the presence of radioactive radiation is explained?

Tony Bonn said...

The question is good, but I believe that the final answer is that there was no radiation - hence nothing to explain. The press is in full tilt lying all the time, making their claims of radiation risible.

Tony Bonn said...

After researching the topic some more, I have discovered that radiation is produced - though not abundantly - in conventional explosions, and that the US laced its bombs with radiation which it dropped on Japan. We will publish a follow-up article describing the fakery of the political elite who foisted the atomic lie on the world.