Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bush Puppet Headed for White House

Get ready for yet another Bush presidency. Either Hillary or Ted Cruz - both Bush protégés - will end up in the White House even though the latter doesn’t seem to have the political support to pull it off. However, politics is not about votes but about money.
Ted Cruz certainly seems like a low odds bet for the White House, but he is a CIA supported candidate who may upstage the murderer Hillary Clinton. Two CIA front companies, Strategic Solutions and Cambridge Analytics, are both dredging up votes for Cruz, apparently on the assumption that in order to rig the Diebold voting machines, a certain amount of honest support is required before stuffing the computers with the required fake Cruz votes to steal a win.
Cruz is interesting for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that he is a Canadian-Cuban who fails to qualify for the presidency on Constitutional grounds. But as George Bush, Jr said, “The Constitution is nothing but a goddamned piece of paper.” This attitude bodes well for Cruz who until 2013 was a Canadian citizen.
But it is not only Bush’s attitude which Cruz has, but also Bush, Sr’s support through his father Rafael. Rafael, Sr is the namesake of his son Rafael, Jr better known as Ted Cruz. Senior was photographed with Lee Oswald in front of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans on August 16, 1963. The significance of this photograph is staggering.
Before developing that angle, we need to fill in Rafael’s background. According to the Wayne Madsen Report, Rafael left Cuba in 1957 after giving up his fight against the US supported and hopelessly corrupt Batista regime. He came to Houston, where he enrolled at the University of Texas Austin. The anomaly is that Cruz claimed that he only had 100 dollars to his name at the time; so clearly he had other sources of income which his CIA connected father, or perhaps the CIA itself, supplied in order to get Cruz enrolled in the mathematics program.
Between 1961 and 1963, Cruz married his first wife Julia Ann Garza, moved to Dallas, and then to New Orleans where he was when photographed with Oswald. As an anti-Castro partisan working for the CIA, Cruz would have worked out of the infamous Camp Street building where Oswald’s Fair Play for Cuba was also headquartered.
Another artifact of Cruz’ stay in New Orleans which substantiates his work for CIA was the fact that he maintained 2 residences in New Orleans – an official residence, and a plausible deniability residence. Dual addresses is standard operating procedure for many CIA operatives and agents.
By 1967 Cruz was divorced and remarried to Eleanor Darragh whom we assume he met while working at an unknown oil company in New Orleans. Further research is required to identify the company, but we would include candidates such as Clint Murchison’s concerns, George Bush’s Zapata Oil, George DeMohrenschildt’s company, William Buckley's Pantepec, or Prescott Bush’s Humble Oil Company.

[ed 4/29/2016 - we have since discovered that the oil firm in question was Schlumberger, a French company which bought out Cruz' consulting firm. Our speculation is that this purchase was a huge payoff for services rendered in the murder of Kennedy].
As a resident alien, Cruz was required to register for the draft, something he did long after he was required in 1967, and in violation of the law. Instead of going to Viet Nam, he fled to Calgary where in time he later assumed a leadership role in a Zionist-CIA front religion known as Dominionism.
Cubans were actively recruited by the CIA in its conspiracy to murder President Kennedy. CIA controlled “news” sites covering this story allege without fact that Lee Oswald was the president’s assassin. We have proven time and again that this is a lie. But the significance is that George Bush, Sr led the Nixon founded Operation 40 group, made up of angry Cubans, to assassinate the president, in which plot they participated from the Dal-Tex building near Dealey Plaza to fire at the president.
Oswald’s role in the Fair Play for Cuba operation was to ferret out Castro sympathizers for the CIA, a task with which he collaborated with Guy Banister who also worked at the same Camp Street address out of which we believe Cruz worked.
Now for the best part. The photograph of Cruz and Oswald in front of the International Trade Mart is extremely important. The ITM was a satellite organization for Permindex headed by CIA conspirator Clay Shaw, the latter firm a gigantic corporation with tentacles all over the world, especially in Europe, America, and South Africa. Permindex worked directly under the British Special Operations Executive where the Bronfmans and Meyer Lansky were key players. The SOE was the private arm of the Queen of England, Elizabeth Windsor, which carried out special intelligence assignments, including the murder of President Kennedy.
ITM was a US subsidiary with headquarters in New Orleans, and which District Attorney Jim Garrison assumed to be part of the conspiracy to murder Kennedy.
In 1970, Raphael Cruz, Jr was born, better known today as Ted Cruz. With at least 2 CIA companies working to support Cruz, and with tight connections to George Bush, Sr, there is a real possibility that Cruz will be installed as president with a little help from Diebold machines and George Bush, Sr. Neil Bush, the Savings and Loan Scandal criminal from the 1980s and a principal in the treasonous 9/11 attacks on America, is not on Cruz' inner campaign management staff for nothing.
If Cruz does not make it, then Bush crony Hillary Clinton will win. Either way, the Bush crime dynasty continues on.
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