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One Minute Chronicle: The Origins of the Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Egypt have fascinated not just tourists, but historians, archaeologists, mathematicians, builders, and others who have marveled at their wonders, yet have always remained a mystery of how they were built. The answer is relatively obvious if you know how to interpret the Bible.
The pyramids are a phenomenon not just of Egypt where perhaps the most famous wonders of the ancient world are domiciled, but also on nearly all continents, including North America where the Tlahchiualtepetl of Mexico is found at 3 times the size of the Egyptian Great Pyramid.
We assert that the cultures did not independently develop the idea of the pyramid, but that they come from a common culture which lived on a single land mass which split apart in the time of Peleg.
Modern archaeologists marvel at the engineering tour de force of the pyramids. The perfectly square base of the Great Pyramid is level to within an inch across its entire breadth. It consists of about 2.5 million dressed stones, with a total volume which dwarfs anything else modern man has created.
The limestone blocks are so tightly abutted with an advanced cement that not even a razor blade can be wedged between them. Precision joints are less than 1/50th of an inch. The interior passageways are perfectly straight, with rooms having dimensions in accordance with the Golden Rectangle.
The King's Chamber has a coffer cut from a solid piece of granite. Drillings into very hard granite show feed rates of .001 inch per revolution. In other Giza pyramids, portcullises have been found who constructions baffle modern engineers.
While other amazing feats of engineering could be cited, the main point is that the construction of the pyramids in the time given to create them is beyond modern building capabilities. Yet in some quarters, historians and others insist that the Egyptians built them.
Some interpretations suggest that Egyptians were assisted by superior beings from alien planets, a line of thinking which starts to get us to the right answer. Based upon what we know about Egyptian mathematics and engineering arts, it is absolutely implausible to suppose that they built the pyramids. The same line of reasoning would deny the same accomplishment to other civilizations in other parts of the world.
As an aside, the logic of ascribing the pyramids to the Egyptians is the fallacy of coincidence. Just because a man is holding a smoking gun over a dead body does not prove that he was the murderer.
Fortunately the mystery is not that great when we consult the Bible, particularly Genesis 6 which tells us that the Sons of God came down to earth to cohabitate with the women who in turn produced the heroic men of renown. The sons of god were not angels as many have asserted. The Apostle Paul precludes that possibility when he firmly states that no angel can be regarded a son of God. Thus the Sons of God were literally God's offspring - in other words the siblings and cousins of Jesus.
They came to earth - probably through Mt Hebron - the Mount of Transfiguration - to build pyramids for which purpose it is not entirely clear. They seemed to want to establish a dynasty and to deny it as an inheritance to Jesus. Thus they interfered in human affairs in a way which angered God who wiped out the entire civilization, preserving only Noah and his immediate family.
The flood explains the weathering of the Sphinx and pyramids. The earth is not old enough to support the great ages some speculators have advanced.
After the flood God caused the single land mass which Jesus created in Genesis 1 to split, taking their pyramids with them. We affirm that mystery of the pyramids is solved.


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