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Cheney, Netanyahu Targeted Washington Bridge on 9/11

In another bombshell report on 9/11, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today published more details about the connections between the Russian Jewish mob, the terrorist group JINSA, the CIA, and their failed attempts to blow up the George Washington Bridge, and the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels in an attempt to impose martial law.
Unknown to most Americans, a federal task force known as Able Danger, which had been largely gutted by Bill Clinton due to blackmail over his many criminal activities, had followed the Mohammad Atta group for espionage activities and which operated in Fort Lee, New Jersey, one of the terminals of the George Washington Bridge.
Agents defused thousands of pounds of explosives which that group placed near the cables of the bridge which the Atta group had positioned to be detonated simultaneously the destruction of the World Trade Center. Atta was closely tied to the CIA and Egyptian intelligence according to Duff.
In addition police commissioner Bernie Kerik arrested 2 Israeli terrorists near the Lincoln Tunnel driving a van filled with explosives who were designated to blow up the Washington bridge. The suspects were released on the orders of the White House, which in this case was Dick Cheney.
Fort Lee is the home of many members of the terrorist organization known as the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) which coordinated, through the use of Arab cutouts such as Atta, their planned attacks in Fort Lee, and the radio jammings from the high rises along the Hudson River.
Duff reports how many "kosher mafia" thugs left the USSR and Ukraine to settle in Fort Lee at the demise of the Soviet Union, operating extensive gambling empires. They worked with Mossad, CIA, and local Fort Lee residents to erect the jamming stations which caused havoc with New York City rescue operations on 9/11.
9/11 planning house
We show in an image from Veterans Today the CIA/Mossad safe house where 9/11 was planned on Tom Hunter Road, not far from where the "dancing Jews" "art students" lived. They were in fact Mossad agents caught dancing when the twin towers exploded. Those students were promptly escorted out of the country on the orders of George Bush or Dick Cheney.
Four blocks from the 9/11 planning house lived Mohammad Atta at 215 Main.
The most terrifying aspect of the VT story is the fact that officers involved in arresting some of these terrorists are under gag orders not to talk. Even more astonishing is that the FBI has the audio tapes of the conversations of the planners from the house on Tom Hunter Road, but the tapes are being squelched by BCS forces who operate the FBI and its organized crime.
215 Main, Fort Lee, NJ
Veterans Today has provided a huge cache of articles explaining the intricacies of 9/11 planning, weapons of choice, and command hierarchy showing without doubt that operationally it was a collaboration between Mossad, CIA, Bush Crime Syndicate, Saudi intelligence (BCS), Russian Jewish Mob, and Egyptian intelligence (BCS).

Gordon Duff, Mapping 9/11: The Fort Lee Mystery, Veterans Today, January 9, 2015, accessed 1/10/2015

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