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What Ties Foster, Lewinsky, and 9/11 Together?

If you think that the attacks on New York City in 2001 began in 2001, your hindsight is very short sighted. Those attacks on the United States began right after World War 2.
Jews set the stage for 9/11 in 1946 when they attacked the King David Hotel in order to blame it on Arabs as a pretext for their invasion of the Middle East. This false flag attack was also Jew on Jew violence which would characterize the many Jewish intelligence operations down to the present time including what recently happened in France.
The purpose isn't so much to murder Jews as it is to hide any indications that Jews are the terrorist aggressors.
Jewish intelligence was developing its organization in the 1940s, but it was calling the shots at the soon to be inaugurated CIA. In 1948, Harry Truman's 2d term looked like a pipe dream until Jews stuffed his campaign full of freshly minted bills amounting to 2 million dollars - chump change today, but a very significant sum in the 1948 presidential campaign. after May 15, 1948, the terrorist state known as Israel came into existence.
While it appeared to be a small country, it was backed by the world's greatest military power, and ruled by the world's greatest wealth - the Satan worshipping Rothschilds. It would launch wars continuously in the Middle East until it had conquered everything from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates.
In 1962 President Kennedy refused the murderer David Ben Gurion's request for nuclear technology and weapons, a refusal which solidified the resolve of the Mossad's CIA to murder Kennedy, with Meyer Lansky, Ben Gurion, and the Bush Crime Syndicate allied in conspiracy of epic proportions.
The connections between the Kennedy murder cells in the United States and with Lansky have been well documented elsewhere, as has Lansky's connections to Israeli intelligence.
Ever since the 1960s, Israel has engaged in espionage against the United States, focusing particularly on nuclear installations and technology, especially since the melt down of its Diamona plant.
It is not until the first Bush administration that the nuclear gambit spun out of control. Many who lived during that presidency may recall Bush decommissioning many hundreds of nuclear missiles, especially the older Davy Crockett missiles with W54 pits. At the time, some derided his announcement as a peacenik publicity stunt, while others thought that Bush had betrayed his principals - as though he had any.
The reality, as we recently published, is that Bush sold the decommissioned nuclear weapons to Israel and other Jewish criminals - ie the state of Israel. The missing warheads eventually created an accounting problem between Department of Defense and Department of Energy which required the launch of the Able Danger investigation to determine how they were stolen, and to recover them if possible.
While we had originally thought that Bush did not want a second term because his control of the government was already cemented, we have come to rethink that position based upon the events which followed.
The theft of the nuclear weapons by the Bush Crime Syndicate required an enormous conspiracy by hundreds if not thousands of traitors. If you don't think that a heist that big can be silenced, you don't understand the power of drug money and Rothschild money which together amounts to trillions of dollars.
Thus Bush's loss of the presidency presented an enormous difficulty in controlling the secrecy of the crimes. However, criminals do not give up easily.
We believe that many of the terrorist events of the Clinton administration were attempts to keep the lid on the lies. Thus while we previously concluded that Vincent Foster was murdered because of his involvement with Promis and nuclear sabotage with Israel, it is entirely possible he was murdered because he knew about the missing warheads and was going to make it publicly known; or, he was attempting to prevent the conveyance of the codes, at which point Hillary had him murdered. Foster may not have known about the close Bush-Clinton relationship.
This explanation is consistent with the evidence and enormous complications with Foster's office immediately after his death. Hillary Clinton stormed into office to retrieve the nuclear code books he kept in his safe. The ignorant talk about White Water documents being in the safe is a red herring.
Posession of the nuclear launch codes Foster had in his safe was a profound and egregious violation of federal law. Was he planning to pass them to the Israelis?
The destruction of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was done with nuclear weapons stolen by Bush. We believe that the building was destroyed because it housed incriminating evidence against the Bush Crime Syndicate on several fronts, but most specifically the Able Danger investigation. Others have confirmed that it housed criminal investigations relating to Bush, but only a crime of this magnitude could justify the nuclear destruction by the psychopath.
Finally, when the hopelessly corrupt Bill Clinton failed to terminate the Able Danger investigation, Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky was sent to entrap Clinton in "impeachable offenses." The BCS had mounds of incriminating evidence on him, but couldn't use Iran Contra because that would have exposed Bush. So the BCS created a uniquely Clinton scandal, at which point a frustrated Hillary uttered her famous "vast right wing conspiracy" of which she spake sooth - a rarity for her.
We know that Lewinsky was Mossad or a cutout for Delta Force Linda Tripp who was working for BCS. In any event, Delta Force and Mossad go together like a horse and carriage.
When it looked like hot air Al Gore might win the presidency, the BCS called all of its chits to preserve the Able Danger secrets, and to blow up New York City before their crimes could be exposed.
We still have questions ourselves about the precise relationships between Clinton, Foster, and Bush, but this line of reasoning seems most promising.
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