Saturday, August 17, 2013

When Is Evidence Irrelevant?

Former Pegasus member Chip Tatum and his wife Nancy were framed by the CIA for conspiracy to embezzle funds from a golf course the federal government operated in Florida. When he presented evidence of high crimes by accusers, federal judge Henry Lee Adams ruled the evidence immaterial and inadmissible. We offer this case as additional evidence that the United States is Narcocracy.
Pegasus is a covert and highly secretive organization of the CIA which is used to murder foreign and domestic citizens whose views and actions cross  those of plutocrats. One such egregious example was the order by George Bush to murder Ross Perot during the 1992 election because his efforts to create a third party were un-American. Tatum’s cell was the one assigned to “neutralize” him.
Tatum apparently developed some misgivings about his assignments, especially those targeted against American citizens, causing him to distance himself from the Pegasus operations. Nonetheless, he found himself as manager for a golf course in which the federal government was in possession.
The government failed to pay its small vendors for work performed, so Tatum used cash flow from sales to pay them. The US government did not take kindly to that initiative which gave the CIA the pretext to conjure up charges of embezzlement, or more accurately, conspiracy to embezzle.
The real conspiracy actually consisted of the CIA, US Justice Department, and White – ie Bill Clinton – to put Tatum away for his lack of team spirit, and to warn him to keep his silence about his knowledge of Clinton with drug running in Arkansas under auspices of the CIA.
Tatum produced evidence consisting of tape recordings between Manuel Noriega and a retired Mossad agent in Clinton’s employ while governor in which the two discussed the CIA’s massive cocaine production in Honduras. The evidence also included film footage of a US military shipment at Little Rock Airport of two coolers of cocaine which Governor Clinton himself took delivery. In addition to the 3 kilograms of cocaine was a substantial stash of cash.
Tatum presented the evidence to Governor Lawton Chiles who dismissed it as out of his jurisdiction as did the following government officials:
  • Janet Reno
  • Harry Browne
  • Ross Perot
  • Jack Kemp
  • Rep.  Wm. F. Clinger, Jr.
  • Senator Sam Nunn
  • Senator Connie Mack
  • Senator Charles S. Robb
  • Senator John Glenn
  • Senator Thomas Daschle
  • Senator Barbara Boxer
  • Kenneth Starr

The astonishing hypocrisy is not surprising - though certainly chilling - to anyone who has followed our reporting of Narco-Nation.  The United States and its corrupt leaders, namely the Bush Crime Syndicate, are the world’s leading drug growers and distributors, and have practically muscled out any competitors. Competitors of the BCS are the only ones who are targeted in the fake War on Drugs.
The President, Cocaine, and the CIA - A Matter of Irrelevance, Conspiracy Nation Vol 9 Num 26, nd (c. 1996)
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