Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Checkmate in the Middle East

Although America’s Nazi rulers won the first war over the Middle with their occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s, the strategic tides have turned against them in Iran. The United States is finished in the Middle East with only the final chapter of evacuation to be written.
America, following the swastika, squandered enormous wealth and prestige in its disastrous wars of imperial aggression in the world’s oil fields. Presaged with lies of weapons of mass destruction, preceded by a 5th column attack on New York City, the country dumped vast trillions securing oil fields.
While the Nazi Project for a New American Century calls for the conquest of Syria as a stepping stone to Iran, the plan will fail. The Arabs decided in 2010, without any coverage in this country, that they would seek protection from Russia and China. The implication is staggering because it indirectly states that the United States is the aggressor and one in decline. The men who made that decision are all billionaires who would not make that decision lightly.
King Abdullah is dead and his incompetent heirs completely unable to govern. This will make way for a new dynasty which does not have ties to the Bush Crime Syndicate. Indeed, Syria assassinated Prince Bandar, a Bush stalwart, severing the ties between Saudi Arabia and Nazis even more. The passage of the House of Saud will eliminate the petrodollar, one reason for the frantic search for oil in Bakken and other tar and shale pits.
The United States’ Nazi oligarchs accelerated their destruction with the enactment of economic sanctions against Iran which, as Dr Jim Willie reports, resulted in a frenzied replacement of the SWIFT system for financial transactions. This new payment system bypasses the United States, rendering future financial wars unrealistic. This new system will further erode the dollar’s utility in international trade and financial transactions, placing the United States in greater economic peril.
Indeed, Willie has commented that the United State crashed the G20 meeting in Ankara earlier this year begging for the Eastern powers to delay the implementation of this new payment system. In a quid pro quo, they granted a reprieve for a few months but the costs to the West are substantial and it is spelled with gold.
One of the reasons for the United States’ massive deficits is to keep dollar afloat, banksters secure, and pay bribes to foreign powers. This is another reason why the United States will not invade Iran or Syria. But the military reason is that the United States does not have military superiority in the Middle East any more. The Russian missiles outclass the antiquated American cruise missile and would sink the US Navy in short order. A nation cannot project force or attack on exterior lines with military parity or marginal superiority. In the event of inferiority, it would be suicide.
The only caveat to our pessimism would be centered on the electronic warfare capabilities of the CIA and NSA. Should they be as advanced as reported, it is possible that the tilt could slightly favor the Nazis. The vast reach of the National Security Agency’s Nazi surveillance program is also point of contention with foreign powers who both loathe and lust for this kind of power.
The Russians have a high leverage over Europe in the form of natural gas supply which will mute any European enthusiasm for war. Thus the Nazis will not be able to marshal Europe to their cause. The recent coup in Egypt was also a setback to the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood and their Nazi sponsors in America.
Furthermore, a war would threaten the criminally low interest rates keeping America’s house of financial cards from crashing in. This is not to say that the maniacal Neo-con Nazis would not gamble for a war if their strategic interests were threatened, but the price would pyrrhic.
America’s economic ratios match exactly that of third world countries – whether you look at debt ratios, income and wealth disparities, unemployment, or immolation of cities such as Detroit. As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
For those who are not clear about our references to Nazis, we refer to sects of the Military Industrial Complex, the Bush Crime Syndicate, the Rockefeller Nazis, and the small coterie of academic and financial elite who rule this country. We have named names elsewhere.
On a final note, some may recall the scandal of faked US Treasury bonds valued in the billions which were checked at the Italian border a couple of years ago. Based upon a comment Willie made about Morgan Stanley having a couple of trillion dollars in forged US Treasury bonds, we believe that Morgan Stanley was looking for an outlet  to convert them into cash, and were stopped cold at the Italian-Swiss border.
As long as Americans insist on their two party system controlled by Nazis, they seal their fate. America is rapidly being isolated and marginalized around the world. The State controlled media do not report it, but pretending it is not happening will not keep the king out of checkmate. And yet, the ascendancy of the plutocracy changes the game of sovereign disputes. The war continues on, against me and thee.

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