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The Strange Death of Vincent Foster

Vincent Foster (January 15, 1945 – July 20, 1993) made blaring headlines on July 20, 1993 when his body was found in Fort Marcy Park in Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. The state controlled media dutifully reported that he died of suicide, but as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich put it, “It is gullibility to the point of stupidity to believe that Foster died from suicide.”

The news was sensational, feeding a frenzy lasting for days, and investigations lasting for years. The official story is that Foster was clinically depressed, unable to survive in the vulture eat vulture world of Washington, DC, and was preparing to resign his position as Deputy White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton. The torn up, faked suicide letter “proved” it. He was diagnosed as clinically depressed after his death. And now, folks, move along, because there is nothing to see here.

If Foster were depressed, he had good reasons to be as we shall see, none of which had to do with his personal life. His professional life – the secret side of it, on the other hand, showed signs of unraveling, a very tangled web of intrigue and espionage.

According to Sherman Skolnick, Foster was a very senior intelligence agent working for the NSA, holding the rank equivalent to a general. Subsequent characterization by James Norman, one time senior editor at Forbes, described Foster as a key liaison between the White House, NSA, and Systematics – subsequently purchased by Alltel - a company heavily involved in intelligence espionage.

Somewhere between the two profiles lays the truth. He was clearly involved in secretive intelligence work of the kind which certain powers wanted knowledge suppressed, in no small part because he was the homing beacon to their crimes and treachery.

Although Foster and Hillary Clinton made hay with criminal money laundering deals reaching to the infamous BCCI scandal, it is Foster’s alleged involvement with Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard which may give the most clues explaining his demise.

Even before entering the White House, Foster, working in conjunction with British publishing entrepreneur and former MP, Robert Maxwell (1923-1991), had been identified as an espionage agent providing Israel highly classified information.  Maxwell was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean as a result of – you guessed it – “suicide,” but was accorded a quasi state burial in Israel.

Much of Foster’s espionage concerned nuclear weapons and technology, with the goal of rendering Israel a nuclear power in a gambit to deter its Arab neighbors from aggression. Skolnick lays out the very persuasive case that Foster, who had begun work for the NSA around 1983, had been recruited by George Bush to act as his intermediary between Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard who was ultimately convicted  in 1987 of spying.

There were two reasons for Bush’s interest in Pollard, the first of which relates to political payback for securing the 1980 election. Bush was the mastermind behind the October Surprise which represented a deal between the Republican team and the Ayatollah to keep the hostages until after the former were securely in the White House. In exchange, the Reagan administration would supply the Iranians with much needed armaments to fight the Iraqis in their nearly 8 year war which had started around 1980. It would be difficult seeing Israel object to that arrangement.

The Israelis acted as intermediaries, and thus earned their first chit. But Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense, also had ideas. He thought that if Israel were a nuclear power, it would not only maintain a balance of power in the region but also deter Soviet adventurism into the region.

We understand that Israel has long been acknowledged a nuclear power, but to suppose that a nation of its small size and tenuous status could devote the resources for such a large project is preposterous by any measure. It was not until the mid 1980s that anyone made any serious revelations about the extent of the Israeli nuclear program.

On the other hand, we do not argue that the nuclear secrets conveyed were to enable initial development of a nuclear bomb. Rather, more subtle technologies such as triggering devices were desperately needed in order to create a force projection arsenal. And that is where Bush and Weinberger entered the picture.

So, on the one hand they paid back a debt of “gratitude”, and on the other positioned their rook in a stronger position on the geopolitical chess board. They selected Foster as the high level liaison between themselves and their mule Pollard.

Weinberger received large payoffs in arms deals kickbacks, Bush was business partner with Saddam Hussein, and there was plenty of blackmail to go around for everyone.

But Foster was a jack of many trades whose many talents would not be idled with just one project. He was also involved in other NSA endeavors, including one which involved financial spying and espionage.

Ironically, it was Foster’s NSA project of tracking bank transactions using Inslaw’s PROMIS software which may have led to his down fall. One source alleges that rogue CIA agent used the software to hack into a MOSSAD database where Foster’s name was inexplicably found along with links to several Swiss bank accounts holding at various times up to 10 million dollars, which is not chump change for an Arkansas lawyer – even for one making 300,000 USD per year. Hillary Clinton had an interest in the money due to her many and varied collaborations with Foster in these delicate matters. One of these banks was Banca Della Svizzera Italiana.

While this story of accidental discovery is plausible, we consider it disinformation. We certainly believe that Foster had the accounts – why else would make periodic day trips to Switzerland. But it is even more likely that this story was setup to paint Foster as a sinister traitor and to deflect attention away from his handlers who were the powers behind the treachery.

In any event, Skolnick tells us that Hillary broke the news to Foster that his bank accounts had been drained through the surreptitious software and that he was under investigation for treason and espionage, an ignominy they shared in common.

On July 1, 1993, Foster bought a round trip ticket through the White House travel office to Geneva in order to check-up on his accounts. It was at this time that he discovered that his account of 2.73 million USD had been emptied, resulting in the hiring of legal counsel. We also believe his retention of legal counsel was a step in unwinding his involvement with the program, possibly explaining events we describe following.

On July 18th he went to Maryland where he met with Webster Hubbell, Michael Cardozo, and according to Grabbe, George Stephanopoulos, among others including possibly telephonic communications with the Clintons, to strategize on damage control about the money and responses to an explosive scandal should he confront the illegality of his actions.

Apparently Hubbell showed Foster a printout of the money trail from MOSSAD to his Swiss bank accounts, a revelation which must surely have conjured up substantial anxiety. As we noted, it may very well have been contrived evidence though based upon real accounts.

In the days preceding Foster’s murder, two interesting events occurred which were most likely related. The first, according to Skolnick, is that the Democratic National Convention sent on July 16 a wire transfer in the amount of 286,000 USD via Sheila Anthony, to her sister-in-law Lisa Foster, wife of Vincent. Was this payola for Vincent to keep his silence and to perhaps console the loss of 2.73 million USD from his Swiss bank account? Or was it hush money to Lisa to keep her silence once Foster was dead?

We do know that Foster planned to do something which Jerry Parks, a security man with whom he conducted regular business, urged him not to do. Parks was gunned down gangland style a month later for knowing too much. Parks’ widow did not know the details, but her home was ransacked repeatedly by FBI thugs, clearly indicating that information of the very highest order was at stake. In any event, Foster overstepped his bounds, and was permanently sequestered.

Foster had gotten in over his head by taking possession of the nuclear launch codes which compromised the identification codes the president needed in order to initiate the launch of nuclear weapons. Orlin Grabbe (1947-2008) contended, based upon sworn testimony by Foster’s secretary, Deborah Gorham, that Foster had two 1 inch binders, one blue, one white, in the safe of Bernard Nussbaum. These were readily identified as NSA launch code and launch option books.

The disturbing aspect of this story is that Foster did not have clearance, even as a high ranking NSA emissary, to see the codes which are directly delivered to the president in his quarters. Thus the only way Foster could have obtained them is through Clinton. But Bill Clinton was not the subject of espionage investigations; his wife was. We thus see why she took charge of Foster’s office immediately following his death.

One other explanation about the nuclear football we should introduce is that Israel may not have been the ultimate drop point for the information. It could well be the case that China was the beneficiary through Israel’s agency. However this is a hint for another article.

If Foster was trying to stop the merry-go-round, he picked the wrong means of doing so. His threats to open up the treasonous transactions to public scrutiny scared many involved, not the least of whom was Hillary. With panic setting in among the many parties associated with the treason and crimes – and it wasn’t just about the technology transfers – quick action was required to put out the spark threatening to becoming a firestorm.

At this point it is hard know who gave the orders to murder Foster, but our best guess is that Bush and Hillary closed ranks to silence him. Two points lead us in this direction, the first of which comes from Debra Von Trapp who reported to Special Investigator Kenneth Starr that she received a phone call from a drunk Robert Goetzman the night of the murder during which he informed her “…but we dumped him in a 'queer' park to send Clinton and his 'queer' wife a message!" There is strong evidence that Hillary and Foster were lovers, but there are also intriguing morsels about a White House lesbian clique with which Hillary may have been involved.

Trapp knew Goetzman from her days as a technology consultant working in the Bush White House where he reported directly to George Bush on undefined and special projects. He was a very senior FBI and CIA officer who did much of Bush’s dirty work.

The other point of interest is that blond hairs were found in Foster’s shorts which Grabbe attributes to Dee Dee Meyers, but Skolnick’s sources hint belonged to Hillary. Grabbe also notes that Foster died at the moment of ejaculation, giving us a most chilling insight into the modus operandi of the murderers.

Goetzman told Trapp in the same conversation that Foster was killed in one place but then taken to the park. If so, then where was he murdered? A couple of suspects are the White House and a residence next to the park.

Foster was last seen alive by talking witnesses around 1p on July 20, with his suit in hand and a friendly pointer to administrative assistant Linda Tripp where she could find some M&Ms. It seems that Ms Tripp has a knack for showing up at scandal time. Perhaps this is one of the skills she learned in Delta Force school. If so, her testimony is a complete fabrication explaining our next item.

One point not often mentioned is that the two tapes showing Foster’s ingress and egress from the White House on that day are missing. Clearly someone wanted to hide something. This lends support to the theory that he was murdered in the White House (or the White House parking). The missing videos would then identify his state and company as he came or went.

The other explanation for his demise is less plausible. Then Saudi ambassador, Prince Bindar, was well known for his hospitality house where many and manifold sexual pleasures could be obtained. Given the Bush’s close connections with the Saudis, and perhaps moved by a twinge of compassion, they brought the unsuspecting victim to the Prince’s house for one last fling. With his house across the street from Fort Marcy Park, it would ease the logistical troubles of dumping the body.

There is video tape showing a team of 4 MOSSAD agents entering Foster’s apartment presumably after his death – 3 men and 1 female. These agents most likely were looking for incriminating evidence against Israel and did not take on the responsibility for murdering Foster. Immediately following the announcement of his death, Rose Law Firm sent representatives to sweep his house, in addition to shredding papers with his name associated – probably the ones related to Inslaw, Promis, and Systematics.

The body was reported to 911 at 5:59:59 PM on July 20, 1993. Much has been made elsewhere about the details of the crime scene and the many inconsistencies with suicide with which the Ft Marcy Park police had already concluded even before they arrived at the crime scene. That explosive revelation is sufficient proof of murder. Nothing more need be said to defend the thesis. Yet there are more macabre points to review.

The first point which receives minimal coverage is that the Hillary ordered the removal of brand new carpet from the White House the day following Foster’s death. Foster’s body was also covered with carpet fibers, leaving us with the inescapable conclusion that Foster was murdered in the White House some time after 1p which is the last time he was allegedly seen alive. We believe that should those tapes be found, they would show Foster's body being dumped into the trunk of his car covered in brand new carpet fibers. This action reinforces the theory that Hillary had intimate foreknowledge of the murder.

Indeed, in the fury of activity surrounding his death, Hillary ordered guards at Foster’s and Nussbaum’s offices in a frantic attempt to remove the incriminating binders. In addition to taking charge of the offices, Hillary also made a call to the CIA at around 10:40 PM ET, a strange call to make for a case involving an ordinary Deputy White House Counsel. This number, reported Grabbe, was an emergency number not be used for routine calls.

We surmise that Bush selected Ken Starr to take over the investigation of Whitewater and Foster’s death to bury the subjects once and for all. Starr’s team psychologically and physically abused and threatened people to provide testimony of a certain nature, driven by the goal of reporting a suicide. Miguel Rodriguez, one of the attorneys on the Starr team, was regularly threatened by FBI officials covering up the murder, because he insisted on doing an honest investigation. Starr, a Bush protégé, would have none of that.

There is so much more to the Foster affair, much of which probably evades our powers of analysis as the tentacles of the squid run long and deep into treason and crime. The complexities in Foster’s professional life, including that of secret agent man, plus the total surprise with which direct acquaintances were caught by his sudden demise, leave no credible conclusion but that he was murdered to keep his silence.


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Thanks for posting this article. I wish every American would read it.

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I also thank you for this article. One of the more interesting facts not mentioned is that the video surveillance cameras directed at the location which covered the exit to Foster's car and himself, had he left the White House of his own volition, were disabled on the afternoon of his murder.

Debra von Trapp