Sunday, August 11, 2013

News Flash: Japanese Tsunami Result of Subterranean Explosions

Financial analyst Dr Jim Willie revealed in an unguarded moment that the tsunami which rocked Japan on March 11, 2011 was not the result of natural forces, but rather was the handiwork of Nazi fiends who control Wall Street.
In an interview with investment legend Turd Ferguson on August 8, 2013, Willie remarked that the Nazis detonated a massive explosion to warn the Japanese that any further enmeshment with China was against its best interests. Although we believe the story, we do not know how to reconcile it with the hostilities over the Senkaku islands which, in this scenario, would have to be another staged or contrived event. Perhaps the Japanese made the gesture as a sign that it heeded the Nazi warning.
Willie continued his theme that Western banks are heavily dependent upon drug money for survival. Passing along information from his well placed contacts, he noted that the US Coast Guard has been acting as an escort for drug runners with strong ties to Grumman and the CIA.
The CIA, in conjunction with the Bush Crime Syndicate, has been heavily involved in global drug operations since the Vietnam War when it used GI corpses to bring drugs into this country, but has become more integrated with other military branches running drugs. NATO bases’ primary function is to run drugs from Afghanistan with the Vatican acting as primary money laundering agent. The war against the Medellin drug cartel was most likely a grudge war between them and the Bush drug interests.
Willie recounted that Reagan’s presidential yacht regularly passed through the Panama Canal carrying drugs, an action which we ascribe to his Vice President who was heavily involved with the Mena cocaine operation supported by then Governor Bill Clinton, who was repaid for his services with the White House. Indeed Iran Contra was an operation run out of the White House under the direction of the former CIA Director.
Willie predicted that some of the damaging disclosures to come from American hero Edward Snowden in the coming months will relate to the massive USA drug trade, which we believe is primarily handled out of Langley.
One other bombshell Willie related involves the Federal Reserves’ transfer of its liabilities to the US Treasury in another act of the private banking cartel shafting US taxpayers for their financial criminality. We have maintained for some time that the US Fed is insolvent, with its bloated balance sheet full of toxic, flatulent, and utterly worthless “assets.”
Bernanke’s recent and public buffoonery of “he tapers me; he tapers me not” is evidence that his vaunted bag of tools and tricks to end quantitative easing – or currency debasement by any other name – are much more modest than he lets on. Under no circumstance will Bernanke taper as he has dragged the US into a mire in which the Japanese have been stuck for the past 23 years.
The United States faces not just a depression, but complete collapse at the hands of the Wall Street Nazis who brought about the entire sordid financial destruction. While the can be kicked forever, the feet required to kick them will give out. As we stated previously, the United States is finished as a great power.
Access to Access, Interview of Jim Willie by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report, August 8,9, 2013

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