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Fake Oswald in Backyard Photo Identified

One of the “convincing proofs” that Lee Oswald murdered the president was the set of photos found in his garage showing him holding a rifle. The identity of the person holding the rifle has been identified as Roscoe White, further substantiating the case that the CIA murdered the president.
The preposterous idea that a man holding a rifle convicts him of a crime is a Nazi idea as old as crooked justice itself, one which any first year law student could obliterate. The second year law student might wish to take on the quality of the evidence which is a document subject to fabrication as this one is. And the ambitious 3d year law student might take on the identity of the photo subject.
On all three counts, the so-called evidence fails, and does so miserably.
Roscoe White was a CIA operative who was planted on the Dallas Police force as a photographer. According to his son Ricky, he went to the police academy in January of 1964. His son also disclosed the existence of his father’s diary, in 1988, in which he kept notes in and around the time of the assassination of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.
We do not doubt the authenticity of the diary as an artifact produced by Roscoe; however, we do not accept as reliable the accounts contained therein. White claimed to be an assassin of Kennedy but we have our strong doubts. Nonetheless Roscoe is an interesting character in the Kennedy assassination.
White was a Marine buddy of Oswald who shared an uncanny resemblance to Oswald, and must therefore be counted among the Oswald doubles which have been identified over the years. White’s value was his similarity to Oswald which allowed him to make a reasonable impersonation of him in the famous backyard photo of him holding the Mannlicher Caracano rifle which the Warren Commission theorized was the murder weapon. Actually they did more than theorize – they framed Oswald with it.
The FBI supposedly discovered the 2 photos on November 23d in Oswald’s garage, claiming that is all there was even though the evidence enumeration showed 4 photos. A third photo emerged a few years after the Warren Report was published, but the 4th and most interesting one came even later when White’s wife revealed it, thus creating a strong link between her husband and the forged evidence.
A photographic expert identified the person as White by comparing chin features with Oswald, but nailed the case by identifying a poorly healed wrist fracture which appears on all of the White photos but not on known photos of Oswald. Thus White was indeed the subject which the CIA used to frame Oswald in the photo.
There is some speculation that White murdered Tippit, a speculation we find most plausible, but still requiring additional analysis.
Geneva White worked for Jack Ruby at the Carousel Club and heard her husband in conversation with him a couple of times planning the murder. White was financially rewarded for his dubious services but was himself murdered in 1971 in an "accident."

Roscoe White: Shooter of JFK, J.D. Tippit and member of the ‘JFK Witness Elimination Team’

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