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The End of the American Century

The United States is finished as a great power, its wealth having gushed to the East in a torrent taking little more than 3 decades. The genesis of the destruction goes back to 1913 but the hand writing on the wall appeared in 2008.
As difficult as it is to prepare for a 3 page blog posting, we will adumbrate a picture of the decline and fall of the United States of America, an act which required one Biblical generation of 100 years beginning with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, perhaps the key inflection point in American history.
The significance of the Federal Reserve Act is that it represented a coup against Constitutional government which explicitly provided for the usage of gold and silver as money. Yet the tyrants of Wall Street wanted their own currency as money – nothing more than scrip based upon debt. Contrary to what most naïve – if not stupid – Americans believe, the Federal Reserve is a private entity which only answers pro forma to Congress. It is a willful independent body of financial hyenas who control the value of money by whim.
The significance of the Federal Reserve cannot be overstated. It provided for the financing of World War 1, a war which served no legitimate purpose for peace loving Americans. It did provide an entre to Europe which the US banksters used to colonize Germany.
The other significance of the Federal Reserve was that US law gave a private corporation the right define and price money. The effects of its administration have been a constant decline of the value of the dollar which has only benefited the wealthy and a stream of endless wars. Those without pricing power in the market are doomed to impoverishment, a fact which statistics make abundantly clear.
For example, the USA used to have the highest per capita income in the world. Today it is 14th. Boohoo you might say, but this affluence supported the broad distribution of jobs and income and the consumer debt-slave economy. Without that wealth, the USA economy becomes a neo-feudal society where 47 million people are food stamps - and rising rapidly.
Wall Street’s suzerainty over Germany has never ended as it established Adolf Hitler in power through the agency of Prescott Bush, Averill Harriman, Henry Ford, the Rockefellers, and other citizens of the world who disdain constitutional self government. World War 2 was not accident and could not have been financed without the largesse of the Federal Reserve. Its ability to print money on demand funds a great military industrial complex.
The same wall street cabal which produced World War 2 murdered President Kennedy, produced Vietnam, the inflation and oil crises of the 1970s, deindustrialization of the 1980s, the gold divestiture of the 1990s, and the Nazi state of the 2000s through the hoax of 9/11. Indeed the Third Reich has ruled for 100 years.
The prompting of this brief précis on American history over the past 100 years was occasioned by an interview with Andrew Maguire, a veteran precious metals trader, who informed listeners through an interview with King World News that the recent takedowns in the price of gold were desperate last acts of the financial elite in New York and London to prop up the value of their fraudulent currencies. We reported recently the defaults at the LBMA but they have since intensified on several accounts. The most significant may be the lengthening of the delivery period of LBMA good delivery bars from 2 days to 5 days, a very ominous sign of the shortage of gold. Maguire also reports that the LBMA, which had been bailing out insolvent bullion banks by lending them gold – somewhat as a discount window at the Fed – has ceased providing this service because it can no longer obtain the gold.
The Gold Forward Lease Rate (GOFO) has gone negative and indicates a pronounced backwardation of gold, an extremely rare event. Antal Fekete has written extensively on the interpretation of this phenomenon, but to summarize it ever so briefly, it means that the fiat regimes are finished and there is no going back.
Maguire reported that massive quantities of gold have been sucked out of the Western central banks to the East, most notably China, and that it has gone into vaulting systems which do not permit short term storage. This means that the gold has gone into hiding and will never return to the market in this generation.
The utter inability JPMorgan Chase in the form of the New York Fed to deliver German gold is additional evidence of the scarcity of gold and its backwardation – to say nothing of their complete repudiation of fiduciary responsibility and morals. The Swiss have been stealing gold from allocated accounts, another proof of the scarcity of gold and its backwardation. Jim Willie reported the huge premiums of 20-25% the LBMA was paying to liquidate gold contracts for delivery.
The Western banking system is operated by Nazis and a small band of foolish, criminal frat boys who squandered in one generation the substantial wealth once owned by the United States. Not only did they deliver industrial capacity to the Chinese – by design – but they also pissed away Fort Knox and gold vaulted anywhere else. He who owns the gold makes the rules.
With American wages falling for 4 straight years and a double dip of the 2008 depression having started in late 2012 or early 2013, the prospects for a turnaround are impossible. When it hits with full force, there will be no security net to catch anyone. All who have not prepared will perish as social order collapses. The bankruptcy of Detroit is an archetype of what future America has.
The Nazis in Wall Street and academia who rule America are deeply engaged in Satanic rituals and include some of the most blood curdling acts imaginable in places such as Bohemian Grove as we reported in our story on the Midwest sex ring operating out of Omaha Nebraska.
The gold backwardation phenomenon hit hard because it is the sentry announcing the collapse of the dollar and all fiat currencies everywhere. However, the Nazis have taken much of the Ft Knox gold and will have abundant means to continue their quest for One World Government elsewhere.
The United States has enormous military power which it uses like a bully everywhere to take by force what it cannot achieve through peaceful just means. Its vast surveillance program is without limits or oversight and can extend for a considerable time the control which the Nazis have over the world. However, people of this country are without recourse because they gave away their birthright in order to have corporate socialism, a Faustian bargain if ever there were one. As Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” The people of Detroit know that all to well.
However, the loss of reserve currency privilege – exorbitant as it is – will undermine the military, causing the Nazis to become ever more desperate in their attempts to hold back the waters at the dam. Eastern and Emerging Bloc nations are well along the way in establishing a non-dollar trading system, a threat as dangerous to Nazi control as any military threat.
We do not use hyperbole in referring to the plutocrats as Nazis. We mean that they are power behind the throne going back to World War 1 and post-war Germany where they established Adolf Hitler to grab state wealth for private ends. But we should also quickly note that not all wealthy people are evil. Many of them are normal decent people. However there is a very small cadre of them, along with their academic and governmental fellow travelers, whose contempt for freedom and self government is boundless.
The loss of gold and its backwardation sealed the fate of the USA. Lehman was the handwriting on the wall, after which witnessing Belshazzar partied on through the night until Persian forces took Babylon that very night. So Obama – a tool of Wall Street – continued his trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, funneling fabulous wealth to the Wall Street Nazis and the Far East.
Thus the Neo-con cabalists have boasted in their disgusting Project for a New American Century deeds which they will not achieve short of violence, bloodshed, and war. They are wicked to their very core.
While many will dismiss our analysis as histrionics of a rather rabid variety, we state the reason for our pessimism due to the loss of wealth in gold and industry. It cannot be repaired with traitors governing the nation, and its people are too drugged to see the problem or its solution. We face an Argentinian future if we are fortunate.
We have no specific advice other than to get gold – with all thy getting, get gold.

Interviews with Andrew Maguire, King World News, July 19-20, 2013

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