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Did George Bush Jr Murder John Kennedy Jr?

John Hankey has produced a fascinating and superbly crafted documentary outlining a court ready case showing how George Bush, Jr murdered John Kennedy, Jr. on July 16, 1999. While it does not produce a smoking gun, the evidence is a prima facie indictment of the man who brought us 9/11.
John Kennedy, Jr died that Friday evening off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in the Atlantic Ocean, along with his passengers which included his wife Caroline and her sister Laren Bisset.  The party left Caldwell, NJ headed for the home at which he spent many summers with his mother and sister.
After assembling at the airport, they waited 45 minutes before taking off at approximately 8:30p. About an hour later at 9:39p, according US Coast Guard Petty Officer and Public Information Officer Todd Burgun located in Boston,  Kennedy contacted the Martha Vineyard Airport tower for clearance for landing. At 9:40p his plane inexplicably plunged 2500 feet, in a straight vertical nose dive at 200 miles per hour, within about 45 seconds and about 17 miles from landing, which was expected to be in about 5 minutes after his radio contact with the airport.
What followed was the execution of a criminal conspiracy by US government agencies and departments to cover-up the murder John Kennedy Jr.
Kennedy’s location was well known but search and rescue operations were denied by the Federal Aviation Authority, US Coast Guard, and US Air Force. According to FAA procedures, when a plane is below 100 feet altitude outside of the runway, search and rescue operations are launched without question. When a flight arrival is later than 5 minutes after a confirmed landing time, FAA regulations also require initiation of search and rescue operations. Yet the FAA specifically denied such help.
Ms Ratowell, a friend of the Kennedys and the Bissets, called the airport and FAA for help as early as 10p, yet they refused her. Senator Ted Kennedy called the FAA for help at 11p but was firmly rebuffed. Finally, he contacted President Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta for help, who in turn awoke the president , who in turn ordered the Air Force to launch search and rescue operations.
They reluctantly complied, but with contempt. They sent 2 planes and 2 helicopters to search a 20,000 square mile area far from the crash site, an operation they began 15 ½ hours after the FAA required such operations. But if you are wondering how the Air Force became involved, we shall tell you. The Pentagon took over the news management during the early hours of the morning, ordering FAA and Coast Guard personnel silent and out of the incident.
Using the complicit CIA controlled media, they began promoting a series of lies through LTC Steven Roark who had extensive experiences with search and rescue operations as commander of Air Force units responsible for such activities, and who knew that the propaganda he was spewing was a pack of lies.
One of the first and more important lies Roark told was that Kennedy did not have any contact with the airport, which painted the picture of an irresponsible pilot, but also obscured his location in order to justify the ridiculous search pattern they chose for their search operations.
At one point Roark denied that the plane went down 17 mi from coast, yet the FAA’s Ntap analysis of radar id N529jk, a reconstruction of a flight using radar location data, showed precisely where the plane plunged, yet Roark continued to lie about the possibility of knowing where the plane crashed. This lie came from a pilot and a man who commanded search and rescue teams. He knew full well about the Ntap graphs.
Colonel Richard Larrabee, another co-conspirator with Roark in the murder, claimed that no calls for help were received from Kennedy family or friends until 2:15a on July 17. As we noted, numerous calls were sent for help, especially by Ms Ratowell and Senator Kennedy.
Roark brazenly lied at 1p July 17 about the unavailability of the Ntap results which the New York Times reported were ready at 5a.
Complementing the liars at the Pentagon, the “news media” began peddling the story that Kennedy did not have a proper license, was depressed, and was the only pilot of the plane. Their source for this information was “the family,” never identifying who “the family” was. Yet it most emphatically was not anyone from inside the family, a subject to which will return shortly.
The facts about Kennedy’s flight record are that he had over 300 hours of flying time which qualified him as an instructor, had passed the written portion of the instrument rating exam, and was uniformly regarded as a cautious, careful, and meticulous pilot.
One particular lie put forth by Roark and his co-conspirators was that Kennedy did not have a flight instructor with him, yet this is disputed by Ms Ratowell and Kennedy’s flying history which showed that he always had a flight instructor. One reason he needed a flight instructor with him the night of July 16 was that he had recently purchased a plane with instrumentation which he needed to learn for his instrumental pilot’s license which would allow him to fly strictly by instrumentation in limited visibility.

How Roark or anyone would know who was on the flight is quite a mystery, yet he pronounced with pomposity what was true and false about the flight, just as they did when their forbears murdered the President.
Roark, continuing his bilious lies, also maintained that Kennedy did not file a flight plan, further complicating their search and rescue operations. Yet this is completely contrary to Kennedy’s behavior, leaving little doubt that this document was commandeered.
When rescuers finally located the wreckage 5 days later, they recovered large amounts of material, yet inexplicably, the flight log, emergency location transmitter, and voice recorder were missing, along with one of the pilot seats. So how did these strategic items go missing and why this very select group of items?
ABC News reported that the beacon, the emergency location transmitter, had identified the location of the crash, yet the Air Force studiously ignored it and ABC did nothing with the information either.
When the National Transportation Safety Board completed its study of the wreckage, it concluded that there was no mechanical damage to explain the failure of the flight. Given all of the foregoing, Lankey concludes that foul play was clearly the explanation for Kennedy’s death.
The smoking gun was the fuel selector valve which was found in the off position. The switch is designed so that it cannot be turned off accidentally – it requires deliberate effort to do so. But clearly Kennedy had no reason whatsoever to do so.
On the other hand, the flight instructor who accompanied Kennedy would have had reason to do so as Hankey explains. The murderers of Kennedy, Jr. used a Manchurian candidate to kill their victim, just as they had used Hinkley, Sirhan Sirhan, and John Lenon’s murderer.
While the Air Force conducted its preposterous non-search, the murderers were salvaging the key evidence, including the pilot’s seat carrying the Manchurian candidate who shut off the fuel and put the plane into a perpendicular dive into the ocean. Indeed LTC Richard Stanley of the US Coast Guard observed two obscure helicopters over the crash site, and they were probably part of the evidence destruction team.
The same technique was used 15 weeks later to murder 217 people aboard Egypt Air flight 990 leaving New York City, possibly to cover up an Israeli attack on the plane. Indeed Ehud Barak and large contingent of Mossad agents arrived in the country on the 16th of July and were most likely deployed to assist in the murder and spread rumors about Kennedy not wanting to fly on the night of his death.
A few items remain to be tied up. Earlier we mentioned “the family” making claims about Kennedy’s irresponsibility. During the documentary Hankey shows a cut-out strongly resembling Arnold Schwartzenegger. We believe that this was Hankey’s way of identifying “the family” as the former California governor who was married to Maria Shriver, granddaughter President John Kennedy.
So who did it? Hankey’s answer is George Bush, Jr who followed in his father’s steps to murder a Kennedy as his rite of passage to the presidency. Bush has absolutely no alibi for the weekend – he was completely absent from public or private notice, except perhaps by shipmates on a vessel in the Atlantic waiting for a plunging plane. And he had great motive for destroying a potential political rival and obstacle to Nazism.
The case Hankey develops is convincing and well worth the time to watch in full. Like father like son, ever so tragically.

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