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Cancer, Murder, and New Orleans

Judyth Vary Baker’s groundbreaking book Me & Lee has cast into a whole new light the activities in New Orleans anticipating the murder of President John Kennedy in Dallas, TX. These new revelations reconstitute the work of Jim Garrison and make entirely plain the conspiracy of the CIA and its clients in the summer of 1963.
New Orleans was host of 3 major activities – the development and testing of a cancer bioweapon to murder Fidel Castro, the frame-up of Lee Oswald as pro Castro and pro Communist agitator, and the training of the Alpha 66 and other Cuban anti Castro expatriates who would be involved in the assassination of the president in and around Dealey Plaza.
Dr Alton Ochsner, Dr Mary Sherman, and David Ferrie feverishly engaged in the development of an injectible cancer virus under the umbrella of Tulane University where Sherman worked, and Ochsner’s research center at Charity Hospital. The majority of the research was conducted underground in Ferrie’s and Sherman’s apartments with additional support provided by Eli Lilly.
The ostensible goal of the research was to create a cancer weapon to kill Fidel Castro for the purpose of relieving pressure on Kennedy who had earned the enmity of a growing cabal of revolutionaries in New York and Texas. Sherman, Ferrie, and Oswald were led to believe by their CIA handlers that killing Castro would throw a bone to the plutocrats and government elements, thus mollifying them in their rages against Kennedy whose many sins against them were mounting daily.
This team, augmented by a 20 year old Judyth Vary Baker from Florida, maintained a grueling schedule to produce the virus before September. Oswald and Baker worked undercover through the J Reilly Coffee Company to shield their stealth work. Ochsner provided the funding, organization, and high level management to keep the project on track, reporting progress regularly to his CIA supervisors.
When the virus was completed, Oswald accompanied Ferrie and Clay Shaw to Jackson, LA to administer the virus to prisoners from the Angola State Prison at the East Louisiana Mental Health Hospital. A follow up trip by Oswald and Baker retrieved evidence showing that the virus was eminently successful. The CIA assigned Shaw to supervise Oswald's and Ferrie’s work at the hospital.
These test results completed the first major phase of the CIA’s work in New Orleans. Meanwhile, the agency had assigned Oswald to create a pro Castro persona so that he could go to Mexico City to apply for a visa into Cuba to smuggle the virus. At the very least, he would hand off the goods to another agent in Mexico City.
Before going to Mexico in September, Oswald felt that he was being framed for a murder, but was too enmeshed in the plots to extricate himself. The proof of his suspicions came when the hand off man failed to appear.
The important point is that there was no Oswald double in Mexico City as many researchers - including ourselves - have alleged. Oswald indeed went to Mexico City. The other major point is that the CIA had no intention of killing Castro. It simply wanted a bioweapon for other purposes and to deceive the cancer team about the objective of their work.
The CIA’s real intention was to kill Kennedy, a task which required well trained assassins and reliable operatives in Dealey Plaza. Alpha 66 and other violent mercenaries trained near Lake Pontchartrain with equipment provided through Clay Shaw whose position as head of the CIA’s International Trade Mart gave him the perfect perch from which to smuggle weapons into New Orleans. Baker unwittingly provided the technique for camouflaging the arms.  Carlos Marcello’s mafia transported the weapons to the Army / CIA mercenaries who were led by none other than George Bush Sr.
Once the New Orleans operation was complete, Oswald was reassigned to Dallas where his handler David Atlee Phillips turned him over to CIA operatives Ruth and Michael Paine and George DeMohrenschildt to handle the dirty details of directing Oswald to his demise. The cancer bioweapon would later be used on Jack Ruby while awaiting appeal of his death sentence for the murder of Oswald.
Oswald knew that the president was targeted for murder and worked as best he could to thwart the assassins who, in the end, handily prevailed.

Me & Lee, Judyth Vary Baker, 2010

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