Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet Oswald’s CIA Handler, Mr. B

Judyth Vary Baker’s book about her love affair with Lee Oswald yielded a bumper crop of information about the CIA’s activities in New Orleans in the summer of 1963 as it prepared for the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza. One of those disclosures included the identity of Oswald’s handler in Dallas, whom we had long suspected of being someone else. We can now set the story straight.
Baker tells us that Oswald told her that he had a handler in Dallas who went by the pseudonym Mr B but later elongated it to Mr Bishop. While Oswald was not entirely familiar with Mr Bishop, the name jumped off the pages when we saw it, for it could be none other than the infamous Maurice Bishop, a man unknown to most researchers until the 1990s.
The identification of Mr Bishop would be sufficient for most, as it advanced the understanding of the players and offered a possibility of other clues. Those other clues fell into place when researchers discovered that Maurice Bishop was none other than David Atlee Phillips (October 31, 1922 – July 7, 1988) of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Director of CIA operations in the Western Hemisphere.
We had previously concluded that George De Mohrenschildt (April 17, 1911 – March 29, 1977) was the CIA’s main point of contact with Oswald, but Baker’s revelations have corrected that misguided, though plausible conclusion. Indeed De Mohrenschildt was involved with directing Oswald to the Texas School Book Depository. We also strongly believe that George Bush, Director of the CIA, ordered the murder of De Mohrenschildt shortly after he contacted Bush in 1977 about some trouble he had with thugs giving him a hard time. De Mohrenschildt had been forcibly committed to a mental hospital to induce amnesia about anything he knew about the Kennedy assassination.
Phillips’ handling of Oswald is exceedingly important due to his rank. As we have reported elsewhere, Oswald was an agent of exceptional significance – not just for the CIA but for a host of government organizations for whom he performed intelligence services, including the State Department. For Phillips to manage Oswald speaks loud volumes of Oswald’s sensitive stature, as well as the importance of the overall mission to murder the president. One does not directly assign a spook of Phillips’ rank to an ordinary stealth operation.
Oswald knew by August that he was skating on thin ice with agency and feared for the worst regarding his future. Clearly the CIA had planned for months to wipe out Oswald, squeezing the most juice out of him until the very end when they tossed him away like so much refuse.
We are not certain if Phillips was merely handling Oswald as one would expect in a compartmentalized operation, or if he was managing other aspects of the coup. We suppose that this operation was too sensitive to be compartmentalized too much.
In any event, we have a rock solid line between Phillips, the CIA, and Oswald, and that line led to the murder of the president and Oswald. We are emphatic about one other point - Oswald had absolutely nothing to do with murder of President Kennedy. That task was owned in part by David Atlee Phillips.

Me & Lee, Judyth Vary Baker, 2010

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Anonymous said...

GMD is a colorful, fascinating, tragic, figure but the portrait of him you find in works published by commercial publishers and the Kennedy assassination specialty presses is both totally inconsistent and largely a caricature of the real individual. He wasn't anyone's "handler" and the only person involved with his death was himself.

Tony Bonn said...

we have received additional information over the past week confirming that de mohrenschildt indeed handled Oswald, a duty he shared with others, and more importantly was murdered. there are no ifs ands or buts about either point. by 1977 he had become a liability to the military industrial junta which took over the usa for good on 11/22/1963.

the only way one could assert that de mohrenschildt was involved with his death is to concede that he should not have written mr George bush of the cia at the time he was subpoenaed by the hsca.

for those looking for additional information about oswald's handler, see our man in Haiti by joan mellen.