Monday, April 29, 2013

The Purpose of the Boston Marathon Bombing

It should be evident to those who are not zombies or sheep that the recent Boston Marathon bombings were a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) covert operation to establish martial law and vilify the Miranda Rule.
The Rockefeller Nazis and their Bush Crime Syndicate have worked feverishly since the September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center to establish a total Nazi state patterned after the one they established in Germany in the 1930s.
In the recent Boston episode a 19 year old is said to have concocted an elaborate bombing scheme and required at least 10,000 armed troops to capture. As always, the FBI solved the case in quick order, and voila, you have the crime all solved within a few days. They learned from the Kennedy murder to protract it in order to give the folks at home to play along with the newsfakers.
The greatest theme of the operation was to make a major issue of the Miranda Rule which requires that all suspects be read their rights to have representation and to not make any self incriminating statements. Of course the various Nazi acts have exempted Miranda rights in the event of a terrorist act. So the CIA concocted just such an event to demonize the sacred right.
This leads to the larger issue of presumed innocence. The newsfakers presented the CIA’s position about the hoax to the extent that all of America believes that the 19 year old kid is guilty of this monstrous crime requiring 10,000 highly trained and brutally armed Gestapo agents to enforce martial law – for public safety of course.
The people of Boston took it lying down, as you do when you have an M1 tank ready to blast you and your home away. Martial law is the reason why the Obama government orders far more tanks than the military says that it needs. What the military failed to recognize is that it is an occupying force.
The sad outcome of this sordid affair is that Americans accept the idea that any time powerful people are after someone, then they are automatically guilty. We have lost presumption of innocence. Even the newsfakers stated that the lawyer for the victim would simply attempt to avoid the death penalty.
The Boston operation has all of the DNA of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City bombings, 9/11, and a host of other covert CIA domestic operations. If Americans value freedom and Constitutional government, they must give up the Democrat and Republican parties, both of which are controlled by the same people spreading strong delusion of lies and oppression.

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