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The Origins of the Iranian Hostage Crisis

Most Americans of a certain age recall the incessant coverage of the Iranian hostage whose 444 days of drama ultimately doomed the hapless Carter presidency. Unfortunately Americans were not told the truth of the matter which would shape the region for the next 2 generations but whose omission we attempt to rectify herein.

The immediate cause for the Iranian students taking 52 American hostages was the admission of the Shah of Iran to the United States for medical treatment. The two men who agitated for this exception to Carter’s policy against the Shah were Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, whose emissary John McCloy lobbied Carter relentlessly for admission of the Shah.
Why would the Iranian students react with such hostility to an ostensible act of dying mercy? The reason is that the Shah showed absolutely no mercy to anyone during his wretched murderous reign modeled after those of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The Shah’s vicious SAVAK secret police ruthlessly rooted out adversaries, especially those seeking a nationalist tilt in Iranian foreign policies.
That kind of a stance directly contradicted the Western oil barons who coveted Iran’s vast oil supplies. In fact the CIA installed the Shah to power in 1953 by staging a coup against the democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh who nationalized British Petroleum (BP Oil) oil assets in Iran. Up to that point, Iran had been largely a British foot stool from whom to extract prodigious amount of petroleum.

Unfortunately, the British were in a tight squeeze and in the process of unwinding their once vast empire. So they turned to the United States to recover the oil assets. The CIA under John Dulles was only too happy to oblige and promptly murdered Mosaddegh.
Once he was out of the way, the CIA installed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as the new Shah, a man who acquiesced quite willingly to Western demands and to Western ways of violence through the establishment of the CIA trained SAVAK. This Gestapo organization kept a tight lid on matters until the late 1970s when the Shah's health began to fail.
Now who would have such a keen interest in Iranian oil? British Petroleum certainly did but so did the United States and more specifically David Rockefeller. But in 1979 the interest was not so much oil as the presidency. The CIA was desperate to remove Carter from office, with the Secret Service cooperating again in political assassination just as it did in 1963 at Dealey Plaza, Parkland Hospital, and Bethesda Naval Hospital.
Rockefeller, McCloy, and Kissinger – all of whom are proto-Nazis – were setting Carter up for a big failure. Carter, against his better judgment, allowed the Shah to enter the United States when he should have had him dropped from a helicopter. Rockefeller also knew that admission of the Shah into the country would have deleterious results which is the prime reason why he badgered Carter into a policy reversal.
Carter took the bait whic sunk his administration into a hopeless tar pit of impossible electoral consequences. It is conceivable that the students were acting under direction from the CIA but we have not been able to confirm that theory. In any event, the nightly news reporting was drummed up – as in the Watergate days by the CIA – to topple the president.
In the meantime, George Bush Sr’s political ally Saddam Hussein was convinced to invade Iran, thus starting the bloody Iran-Iraq war which saw young children sent to war as soldiers. Thus creating a need for weapons, Bush went to Paris and Switzerland to negotiate an arms exchange for the hostages. Of course the timing of it – 5 minutes after Reagan’s swearing in to office – was a pointed gesture to Carter of who was in control. That made the third president of whom Bush had disposed since he murdered Kennedy. He would momentarily attempt his 4th political assassination.
We do not believe that Reagan had any knowledge or participation in the arms for hostages deal – it being all the handiwork of Bush; but we are open to facts which show otherwise. We do know that Bush was hyperactively busy – not going to dead heads of state funerals – but expanding the arms program into the Iran Contra scandal whose political fallout nearly sunk the Reagan presidency courtesy of his devious vice president.

We know that this is a lot of information to digest, but the events in the Middle East are largely the orchestrations of the CIA and have been so since the end of World War 2. The Bush Crime Syndicate and Rockefeller Axis of Evil are intent upon establishing their pavilion of war in the lands of oil. Much more interesting events will transpire next in Iraq and Syria.

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