Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Gulf War Hoax

Many Americans remember the First Gulf War as America’s 20th century version of a splendid war, redolent of the quick victory this country had over Spain in the Spanish American War nearly a century earlier. The truth, we believe, is much stranger than a made for Hollywood war.

If anyone stops to think about the events surrounding the First Gulf War, he is struck by the facileness of it all. First is the casus belli in which the evil Saddam Hussein sends his imperious military into neighboring Kuwait to seize its oil. Then George Bush waxes indignant about a big bully picking on a small weak neighbor, telling him to get out or else. Soon the United States whips up a frenzy of support for war followed by a massive deployment of troops to the Middle East – which must be made safe for something. Shortly thereafter, the combined arms doctrine and high tech weapons of the United States and its coalition of the willing launch Desert Storm to expel Hussein’s forces which fold like a cheap suit faster than you can say fake war. Then everyone hails the liberator for his heroism and Americans can feel good again about being an arsenal for democracy.
As we wipe the tears from our bleary eye, we stand erect, proud once again to be an American. The story sounds good and even played out well, but as with all of America’s foreign escapades, it was a complete crock.
Saddam Hussein was a close ally of the Bush family whose collaborations went back at least decade when the CIA helped install Hussein as despotic dictator of Iraq – a country he ruled with a heavy hand much as the Shah ruled Iran with his dreaded CIA trained SAVAK Gestapo.
After installing Hussein, the CIA encouraged him to invade Iran whose clerics had just over turned the CIA’s pet ruler in the Middle East. So unprepared for war were the Iranians that they were sending 12-16 year old boys to fight the Iraqi troops who were using CIA supplied weapons.
When Bush came to full power, he planned to implement elements of the Plan for a Renewed American Century which outlined a sequence of nations for regime change. Hussein would stage an attack on Kuwait to provide a provocation for American intervention. The plan included the launching of those stupid SCUD missiles against Israel to secure their involvement.
Once American troops were positioned, they would never leave. The United States has a permanent presence in the Middle East – not to secure peace or stability – but to secure oil for the West and more specifically for the fabled Seven Sisters.
As American troops began their attack, Iraqi resistance began to melt faster than snow on a Panama beach. The meltdown was so severe that American forces had trouble corralling and feeding the tens of thousands of surrenderers. At the same time, American troops put on a spectacular show of arms and high tech gadgetry to impress the folks back home into spending more billions on war tricks.
Bush chased the Iraqi troops back to Iraq were he stopped cold – not because of any improprieties in crossing the border or killing mostly unarmed troops – but because the Iraqi dictator had played his part and there was no hard feeling between friends.
We strongly believe that due to what we know about the relationship between Bush Sr and Hussein, and the cartoonish nature of the war that it was an elaborate ruse to gain American military bases and presences throughout the Middle East – not for the benefit of Americans, but for the benefit of the Bush Crime Syndicate and its oil lusting masters. He who controls the oil makes the rules.

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