Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Solving the JD Tippit Murder Case

The Warren Commission told us that Lee Oswald murdered Dallas Police Department officer JD Tippit after murdering President Kennedy. If it had told us that the Other Oswald killed Tippit, we would have believed them. We offer a different explanation below.

We have stated previously our unqualified claim of innocence of Lee Oswald in the murder of John Kennedy. We extend that defense to his alleged murder of JD Tippit. In either case, not enough evidence for a grand jury indictment exists against Oswald. The only allegations of guilt come from the perpetrators of the crime itself – those members of the Warren Commission who were part of the crime of the century. John Dulles, Gerald Ford, and Arlen Specter were 3 key figures on the commission who participated in the murder or cover-up of the murder of President John Kennedy.
So it is no surprise that this executive branch commission would usurp the role of the judiciary in railroading through a verdict of guilty on an innocent man. Dulles’ animosity toward Kennedy was legendary, boiling to murder in the aftermath of his failed Bay of Pigs fiasco – a plan deliberately sabotaged by McGeorge Bundy and Richard Bissel of the CIA as part of entrapment of Kennedy.
In the case of Oswald, CIA spook James Angleton had determined to murder Oswald as a cleanup to the false defector program under which Oswald entered the USSR. As valuable as Oswald was to the intelligence community, he was deemed to be unreliable, meaning that he had to be murdered.
The pretext for murdering him was that he was in bed with Communists, having married Marina Nikolaevna, the daughter of a high ranking Soviet military or intelligence officer. Thus Angleton had the pretext for murder.
Although we have not been able to assemble a satisfactory amount of evidence, our growing conviction is that Marina was sent to America as an intelligence asset to murder Oswald. We know that our dear readers must be grossly perplexed. Why would the CIA and KGB collaborate on this matter? It is a long answer which we cannot fully develop here, but the short answer is that the KGB and CIA cooperated frequently throughout the Cold War to create the necessary tensions for perpetually rising defense budgets.
Marina’s behavior while in America was hardly that of a devoted wife or mother. She slept around on Oswald, although in all fairness, Oswald also had his flings too. Thus this marriage was a sham – a diversion from bigger matters.
In any event, the plotting of Oswald’s murder started in 1962. As Rahm Emmanuel, one time North American Mossad Director, famously stated, “Don’t waste a good crisis.” So the CIA decided to use him as the patsy in the murder of JFK, killing two birds with one stone – as they say.
Part of such an elaborate plan required the use of stratagems too hard to believe – such as the use of doubles. We know that Oswald had at least one double. In fact Billy Lovelady, an Oswald look alike, was seen at the Texas School Book Depository for the very purpose of setting up a case of mistaken identity.
It was also the case that an Oswald look-alike was seen in the vicinity of the murder JD Tippit. We have reported previously a witness seeing two men around the time and location of Tippit’s murder, one of whom resembled Oswald. But Oswald was not there, having received instruction to go home and subsequently to meet a contact at the Texas Theater for his next assignment. After killing Tippit – another clean-up operation – the Oswald double rushed to the Texas Theater to raise a ruckus which would implicate Lee Oswald as an unstable lone nut. And the rest was history.
Our working hypothesis at the moment is that Billy Lovelady is the murderer of JD Tippit. The corroboration of this thesis would require that he was indeed the man Robert Vinson saw on his flight back from Washington DC – the very man who resembled Oswald. If there were indeed multiple Oswald doubles, then our thesis becomes problematic. We are certain the future research will resolve this matter.
In any event, Oswald was the patsy - he was a pawn who got caught up the murdering schemes of the Bush Crime Syndicate and Rockefeller Axis of Evil.

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