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Soetoro Documents Are Felony Forgeries

In a stunning news conference on March 1, 2012, Sherrif Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona released forensic evidence to the public demonstrating that key documents in Barry Soetoro’s dossier are forged.

In question are the President’s long form birth certificate and Selective Service Registration form, both of which show unmistakable signs of forgery, a felony crime in Arizona and most other states. Mr. Soetoro has never released his long form birth certificate although he did present on April 27, 2011 via an electronic document which he alleged was a facsimile of his paper long form birth certificate.

Citizens of the populous county, which includes Phoenix, approached the Sheriff in the wake of the White House’s release of the electronic document to verify its authenticity since a physical document has never been shown to anyone.

Arpaio convened a team of 5 investigators, known as the Cold Case Posse, consisting of 3 county trained police officers and 2 lawyers, who consulted with numerous outside experts to verify the authenticity of the document. The Sherrif stressed that the Posse operated through private funding which entirely excluded tax payer monies.

The 10 month investigation yielded a treasure trove of information, most of which made a prima facie case that the long form birth certificate of Soetoro is a blatant fraud. Suspicions were aroused when the White House document did not compare favorably to other known electronically produced documents which were scanned from originals.

More specifically, a genuinely scanned original would show a single layer of the image, paper texture visible under the ink, and consistent noise throughout the document. The president’s document had none of these characteristics. Noise is the random electronic discrepancies observed within the scanned document.

An original scan will produce anywhere from 45 to 150 layers of information but the White House version contained only 9 layers which means that it was manually constructed by a graphic artist. In Soetoro's example, the green safety paper could be turned on and off, whereas an original will randomly remove the background.

Most damning to the document is that its registrar and date stamps can be moved arbitrarily on the document, meaning that they were copied onto it from an unknown source.

Skeptics claim that these document anomalies are the result of compression and optical character recognition (OCR) software being used on the form. Compression software would reduce the size of the electronic document while OCR software would render the graphics elements as textual ones for use in a word processor.

If OCR software were involved, then fonts would be recognized, words searchable, and text editable. Soetoro’s electronic birth certificate possessed none of these characteristics, allowing the Posse to conclude with 100% certainty that OCR software was not applied.

Regarding the use of optimization software, Mike Zulow, the lead investigator for the Posse, noted that a white halo effect, abundantly present in the Soetoro document, is not a byproduct of its application.

Zulow also took up the issue of Soetoro’s place of birth which he acknowledged that many believe to be Kenya. In attempting to examine Immigration and Naturalization Service records, Jerry Corsi, an aide to the investigation stationed in Washington, DC, discovered that the federal records for August 1 – 7, 1961 had been purged. The National Archives, which houses the records, refused requests from the Sherriff to explain the missing records.

The Posse also examined the Selective Service Registration card of Soetoro which, in keeping with other aspects about the president’s life, is also a fraud. Zulow demonstrated that an authentic registration would have had a 4 year date stamp instead of the two year stamp found on Soetoro’s card.

Sherriff Arpaio announced that a person of interest had been identified in the forgery but refused to disclose the name. He also confirmed that the Posse possessed hundreds of sworn affidavits from expert witnesses which supported the conclusions drawn by the investigators.

Hawaii officials refuse to investigate the documented anomalies reported by the Maricopa law enforcement agency.

In a chilling revelation, Arapaio, who is himself a former federal official, recounted an encounter which a retired federal government employee had with Bill Ayres’ mother in her front yard in the 1980s when she introduced the retired employee to Barry Soetoro as a foreign student in the United States seeking a formal education.

Soetoro, in conjunction with both major political parties, is perpetrating a fraud and a hoax upon the American people and should be immediately impeached and convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors, after which he should be turned over to local and federal law enforcement agencies for prosecution of document forgeries and identity theft, crimes often associated with terrorists.

Maricopa County News Conference, March 1, 2012,

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