Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obama Forces Threaten Clintons with Murder

[Editor's note: We now believe the substance of this article about the Clintons to be misinformation used to gain sympathy for Hillary Clinton, head of a vast criminal enterprise stretching back to Whitewater. We will publish more on this topic in the coming days.

We stand 1000% behind the allegation that Barry Soetoro is an Indonesian/UK citizen born in Africa.

The powers handling the Obama birth fraud escalated their threats against the Clintons in silencing them about the Indonesian’s citizenship. The Obama powers threatened Chelsea Clinton's life if Bill broke his silence about the truth concerning Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to be president.

We have reported the major evidence demonstrating beyond reasonable doubt that Barry Soetoro is not a US citizen, most recently the findings of the Maricopa County, Arizona investigation which showed the alleged long form birth certificate which the White House released in 2011 was a complete electronic fiction.

Shockingly, but unsurprisingly, Americans have accepted the bogus electronic fabrication at face value because, well, the president and press said so. Not the least bit of critical thinking has been applied to the bald face lies peddled by the White House, and certainly not even a shred of skepticism has been evinced by anyone in the press.

In addition to the myopic minds of most Americans, it must be noted that the CIA, which is a creature of Wall Street, has complete control over every major media outlet in America. The plutocrats who control America work to advance the goals of the Rockefeller axis of evil to completely subvert America’s sovereignty, a goal freely acknowledged by David Rockefeller and affirmed by George Bush, Jr. when he stated that the Constitution was nothing but a “goddamned piece of paper.”

Bettina Viviano, a former vice president of production at Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, shared her story with World News Daily in a videotaped interview relating her and acquaintances' experiences with the Obama mob.

She tells of vandalisms, threats, death threats and other intimidations of the Obama mob to coerce votes but above all to destroy anyone who dared challenge Obama’s eligibility to be president based upon his citizenship - something which even the Clintons acknowledged was of foreign origin.

Viviano stated that there was no question in Hillary’s political circles that Obama failed the citizenship requirement for president, a fact about which Bill Clinton would publicly tell the truth. Those plans never materialized due to the threats carried out against close associates of Bill’s.

Bill Gwatney, former chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party and close friend of Bill Clinton, was murdered while working in his office. The murderer was caught and killed in turn. Viviano stated that thisclean up job was a warning to Bill Cllinton to keep his mouth shut lest the same fate befall him.

Initially Clinton did not take the threat seriously and planned to express his reservations about Obama’s birth certificate, but thought better of doing so when told that his daughter Chelsea would be next if he did not stifle his plans to speak  out against Obama’s birth certificate fraud.

We will warn viewers that the video interview was overdubbed with hokey melodramatic music which detracts from its message. But if you listen past the clutter, you will get information you cannot get from the state controlled press.

There is not the slightest bit of proof confirming that Barry Soetoro is or was an American citizen. His presidency has been sponsored by the Rockefeller cabal who is adamant in discarding the American Constitution in favor of a New World Order, the very same order which Adolph Hitler and George Bush,Sr. heralded in their respective generations, each one a card carrying Nazi.


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Anonymous said...

This is another example of why Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and the National Review all call birthers crazy.

Obama's physical birth certificate was sent by Hawaii to Obama twice (the short form and the long form) and was shown by the White House to the press, and it facts were repeatedly confirmed by the officials in Hawaii (three Republicans and several Democrats) and it is further confirmed by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961 (which in those days were only sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii, and only sent for births in Hawaii).

Tony Bonn said...

the short form is a complete non sequiteur. anyone who was born could be vouched with such a device which provides absolutely no proof of birth in the state much less anything about citizenship. it is completely and totally irrelevant to citizenship.

birth notices are also absolutely bogus to establishing citizenship.

i wouldn't care if all democrats and republicans, along with the neocon storm troopers you cite, declared obama a us citizen. partisan acclamation does not establish citizenship. Only locus of birth attested with authentic documentation establishes citizenship.

your statement about doh and birth notices is false.

so all you are left with is the white house showing a photocopy of an electronically generated document which the maricopa task force has proven to be a forgery.

the birth certificate released by the white house is a fraud with the concomittant conlusion that obama is NOT a natural born us citizen and who is a citizen of indonesia.

Anonymous said...

The short form birth certificate is the official birth certificate of Hawaii. It is used by thousands of people every year to get their US passports, and it is the one that is automatically sent to everyone in Hawaii now (except with special permission, as when Obama asked for the long form).

There is plenty of evidence that I can cite that shows that the birth notices in the newspapers' Health Bureau Statistics section (which is where Obama's birth notice appeared) were only sent to the papers by the DOH, and that the DOH only sent out such notices for births in Hawaii in 1961.

Tony Bonn said...

the short form of 1961 has absolutely no legal standing for the purpose of establishing citizenship. Mickey Mouse could have called in with a birth resulting in a short form. As such it has no probative value whatsoever.

bottom line is that obama is not a natural born usa citizen and posesses only indonesian citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Re: "the short form of 1961 has absolutely no legal standing for the purpose of establishing citizenship..."

Obama received his short form birth certificate from Hawaii in 2007. Repeat, in 2007.

He received a long form birth certificate from Hawaii in 1961. That is the one that the Director of Health stated that she saw being copied onto security paper and given to Obama's lawyer.

In Hawaii, short form birth certificates became the official birth certificate in 2001. The procedure was to send out only the short form after that date, even to people who had had a long form when they were born.

The system for short form birth certificates after 2001 involves a clerk looking at the document in the files, reading off the facts on that document and entering them on the computer form that generates the short-form birth certificate. So a clerk must have seen a document in the files. She or he, plus the two Republican officials who stated that they saw the document in the files and that Obama's birth certificate was accurate, plus the current Director of Health of Hawaii. That makes four.

In addition there are the birth notices in the HEALTH BUREAU STATISTICS section of the newspapers. As the name shows, the entries in that section of the paper were only sent by the DOH of Hawaii, and in 1961 the DOH did not send out notices unless the child was born in Hawaii. (No, it could not have been fooled by relatives because when there was a claim of a birth outside of a hospital, it insisted on a witness statement).

Re Indonesia. Why not check on this myth yourself? Just call up the Indonesian Embassy in Washington and ASK (ask for the press officer). You will find that Obama was never a citizen of Indonesia.

Tony Bonn said...

barry - the reason why you never wrote any articles for the harvard law review while you were its editor is because your mind is better suited for spinning in public than lawyering in court.

no one cares what the law of 2007 provides regarding the short form. obama's was generated by a call from his grandmother in august 1961 because her daughter was overseas having a baby - barack obama (or whatever his legal name is/was). no straw man procedure can overcome the fact that the short form of 1961 is fundamentally deficient for probative value in determing place of birth or citizenship because it does not have sufficient contemporary witness.

no authentic hawaiian long form was ever generated for obama and therefore no one has ever seen it. no one cares about the party affiliation of your cryptic witnesses because they do not add any factual evidence in a judicial procedure to establish the validity of the evidence.

birth notices were not supplied exclusively by the hbs and a newspaper witness would be demolished in court for the reasons discussed above.

that leaves us with that forged document which the white house issued in april 2011. as with all of soetoro's other physical documents, they are locked up tighter than a witch's lips because they conceal the truth about his indonesian citizenship and foreign birth.

press officers spin and dissemble. they do not provide forensic evidence for citizenship, and i can assure you that a press agent would never be called as a witness in court to establish the fact of soetoro's citizenship. let's please stick with the facts of the case rather than with political fodder.

the only thing i demand is a physical long form birth certificate which can be independently handled and processed for authentication. that will NEVER happen because it does not exist.

even if it were produced, soetoro never legally repatriated to the usa, thus he retains his indonesian nationality.

under no circumstance can soetoro legally demonstrate usa citizenship - either by birth or naturalization. only naturally born citizenship provides constitutional eligibility for president.

Anonymous said...

Re: "the reason why you never wrote any articles for the harvard law review..."

Has nothing to do with his eligibility. IF however you feel that it was because he was lazy or stupid, you have the right to vote against him for that reason.

Re: "obama's was generated by a call from his grandmother in august 1961 because her daughter was overseas having a baby..."

Answer: Dream on. The DOH in Hawaii did not accept telephone calls from relatives saying that a child was born at home; THEY REQUIRED PROOF IN THE FORM OF SWORN WITNESS STATEMENTS.

Obama did not have a short form in 1961. He had the long form, the same exact document (except for the new security paper and the new seal on the back)as the long-form birth certificate that Obama has posted and shown to the press.

Re: "no authentic hawaiian long form was ever generated for obama and therefore no one has ever seen it..."

As said before, at least four officials in Hawaii have seen it in the files or in the process of being copied.

Re: "birth notices were not supplied exclusively by the hbs ..."

Both the newspapers and the Hawaii Department of Health have said that the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers in the Health Bureau Statistics section were ONLY sent to the newspapers by the Department of Health. Since there are thousands of people living in Hawaii who remember the listings in 1961 and that they automatically appeared in the newspapers without relatives posting them, that cannot be a lie.

Obama was never an Indonesian citizen, as a telephone call to the Indonesian Embassy will confirm.

Obama was born in the USA, in Hawaii, and hence he is a Natural Born US citizen.

Tony Bonn said...

My point about barry's dubious acadmenic background bears strongly on this matter because the man is pure fraud through and through.

not only is the electronic version of his long form a forgery, but so is his authorship of dreams of my father, and the 1 legal article attributed to him for hlr.

the short form only required a single witness - which in this case was his grandmother (signature), and that is all that is admissable in court - fwiw. we would strongly expect his mother to be the witness, and please spare me any explanations about why she didn't sign it.

everything else you provide is hearsay of no more substance than a friend of a friend saying. not one statement you made has evidentiary value in court. the only fact for the defense is a short form birth certificate which for 1961 is a threadbare document of no standing which is itself an electronic fabrication.

i wish to find facts and the only ones we have are a short form of no value, and an electronic one demonstrated to be an outrageous fraud.

regarding soetoro's intelligence, he is not stupid, but he is an intellectual midget and a moral pauper - a facsimile of bush.

Anonymous said...

Re: "not only is the electronic version of his long form a forgery...."

The above and all the "facts" used to back it up are all excellent examples of why Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and the National Review all call birthers CRAZY.

There is legal evidence, confirmed by multiple officials and publications in 1961 that Obama was born in Hawaii. There is NO evidence that he was born anywhere else.

Re: "the man is pure fraud through and through."

We have had many politicians who are frauds. If you feel that Obama is one of them, you have the right to vote against him. You even have the right to ask your congressman and senators to impeach him. But they will laugh at you.

Tony Bonn said...

When a cia mouthpiece like national review calls me crazy, then i know i have touched the nerve of truth. the same applies for the other state controlled organs you cite.

the evidence is overwhelming that obama was born elsewhere and the same holds true for his indonesian citizenship which is why i had no interest in the hearsay you offered.

although for obama hacks laughter is a forensic and evidentiary standard, it is not one here, which is why they will resort to murder to keep the case out of court and opinion makers silent.

obama's fraud is not an electoral issue, but rather a constitutional one. his devoteees are delighted to reduce the issue to a voting dichotomy because it is their cherished desire to destroy constitutional and sovereign government in this country.

in any event, you have inspired a new posting.

Anonymous said...

Not one member of Congress has been convinced that there is enough doubt about Obama's place of birth to call for an investigation. Birthers are not merely wrong, and crazy, they are irrelevant.

They "know" that Obama was an Indonesian citizen, even though Indonesia says that he wasn't. They "know" that Obama was born outside the USA despite the birth certificate, confirmations of the facts on it, birth notices, etc.---and the absence of any proof that he was born outside the USA or that his mother traveled in 1961.

Tony Bonn said...

you must be the paid obama hack assigned to this blog to have the last word.

again none of your comments have legal probative value to determining the truth.

the forgery of the electronic long form is damning to the entire charade of soetoro's birth and citizenship but started much earlier with the forged short form.

any other remarks you make on this thread which rehash your erroneous arguments will be deleted. stay tuned for a follow up article elaborating the entire case.