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The Synagogue of Satan

Anyone who thinks that the Jews are a helpless, persecuted, misunderstood minority should disabuse himself of that lie by reading Andrew Hitchcock’s The French Connection, The History of House of Rothschild. This powerful, incestuous, and genocidal family is the fount of nearly all evils the world has suffered since Moses Amschel Bauer reestablished the Synagogue of Satan in 1743.
Moses placed a red hexagram, the sign which would become falsely known as the Star of David, over his counting house in that same year. This hexagram, whose symbolic and occultic interpretation is 666, the very number against which John the Apostle warns the world, would become the emblem on the Israeli flag unfurled in 1948, thus cementing the connection between the Rothschilds, Israel, and Satanism.
We know that a wide swath of so-called American Christians would become apoplectic over the allegation, as they are diehard supporters of the nation ruled by whom the Rolling Stones honored as his Satanic Majesty. Thus most Christians, cognizant or not, are underlings of Satan in their ardor for the modern state of Israel.
Hitchcock’s history is rather lengthy, and pocked with some factual and interpretive errors. For example, he supports the myth of the Holocaust, an event which Zionists invented out of whole cloth as we have reported elsewhere. Even so, the timeline is worthy of careful study and consideration because its major thesis, that the Rothschild Empire is the master of the world, is the best and most coherent interpretation of events since the 18th century.
We will summarize the timeline by focusing on pivotal events. The family’s rise to banking pre-eminence came through connections cultivated with royalty and powerful politicians. The Rothschilds realized that there was no real money in retail banking, so they focused on government loans which would be collateralized by the taxing authority of the state.
Before proceeding too far, it is essential to understand the Jewish origins of the Rothschilds and their hatreds for gentiles. The family is extremely inbred, with family rules stipulating that members must marry first and fifth cousins, though certainly exceptions abound. The Judaism which the Rothschilds follow is based not just upon Torah, but also upon the Talmud, a dark Satanically inspired compilation of Jewish teachings stretching back centuries.
Hitchcock notes as we have that modern Jews are actually gentiles from Khazaria who have no connection whatsoever to the historical people who descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The vast majority of so-called Jews, known as Ashkenazi, descend from an amalgam of peoples, none of whom includes historical Semitic peoples - thus the irony of all the pity and claims to real estate in the Middle East.
Inspired by revenge and hate, the Rothschilds have proceeded to organize the governments and peoples of the world under their rule, using a vast coterie of fawning hangers-on to help them administer this vast undertaking known as the New World Order, the very thought of which is found on the back of the United States Federal Reserve Note in Novus Ordo Seclorum.
Their first major attempt at ushering in their planetary ambitions was the establishment of the Illuminati under the agency of the Jewish Adam Weishaupt in 1776. Their plan was to infiltrate Free Masonry, which they began doing in Europe and the United States that very year. The idea was to spread Talmudic teachings and create layers of secrecy to accomplish their goals under deception. As Albert Pike, the highest and most revered Mason in American history put it, Masonry requires that higher levels of Masons lie to lower levels in order to accomplish otherwise unacceptable goals; for indeed masonry is the worship of Satan, the father of lies.
The development of vast banking capabilities placed the Rothschilds at the center of all major world powers including the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Italy, Germany, the United States and others. Yet one government refused to bow to its demands – that government being the Tsarists rulers of Russia. For that impudence the Rothschilds vowed revenge which they obtained in 1917.
However, the blood feud between the two powers began in 1815 when the Tsar Alexander I foiled the Rothschild attempt to establish world government at the Congress of Vienna. The Congress convened after the Napoleonic wars ended, at which time the Rothschilds found themselves in possession of great wealth from financing all sides of the war.
This duality became the trademark of the family, one seen on display in the US Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, and nearly all major conflicts – whereby the Rothschilds financed both sides of a conflict to reap the rewards of death.
During the time of the Napoleonic wars, the Rothschilds also established their courrier network which would become the forefather of the modern intelligence and espionage services. Rothschild couriers were given free passage through various choke points during conflicts because they were specially commissioned by European governments to dispatch sensitive communications to both allied and enemy states. The Rothschilds would always intercept these messages in order to take advantage of trading opportunities which they almost always engineered to their advantage.
The Rothschilds also struggled with the United States which in fits and spurts repudiated central banking until it was shoved down the Congress’ throat in 1913 through the energetic deceptions of Rothschild agents such as Bernard Baruch, Jacob Schiff, John Rockefeller, and J P Morgan. The highly corrupt and filthy Woodrow Wilson was easily blackmailed over his numerous affairs and disgusting personal conduct. Wilson reintroduced segregation to Washington after previous presidents, starting in the early 20th century, worked to dismantle it.
Hitchcock also documents how the Rothschilds precipitated financial and bellicose events when they were thwarted. These engineered catastrophes included the War of 1812, the American Depression of the 1830s,  the US Civil War, both World Wars, and the American depression of the 1930s, to name but a few. With control of the money supply, they could easily constrict when the time arrived to bring a nation to its knees.
Another important innovation of the Rothschilds was the creation of various political ideologies to bring about national divisions in order to make conquering a country easier. The prime example is the Russian Revolution of 1917 under the aegis of communism, first promulgated by the Jew Karl Marx. The many isms such as Fascism, Communism, Nazism, Capitalism, are all used for divide and conquer strategies.
On the religious front, the Jews have infiltrated many Christian denominations, including the Presbyterians who conducted their Reimagining God conference at a General Assembly in the early 1990s. The Dulles brothers had begun the work of infiltration, but the coup de grace came when the denominational leadership sought to introduce worship of Gaia into the religious body.
In the more extreme case, the Jew Anton LaVey established the Church of Satan in 1966, quite a natural project given the statement of the Jew Harold Rosenthal, an aide to the Jew Jacob Javits, who said, “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.” We countenance no objection which states that Lucifer and Satan are 2 different persons.
Another important aspect of the Rothschild founded Zionism is genocide. As one prominent Jew, Harold Greenbaum, publicly stated, “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland.” Many Jews, including Ariel Sharon among a vast host of others, have stated that killing Jews is an important tactic in obtaining sympathy and advancing political goals through the sympathy or pity card. Thus Jews murder Jews for political points. The ultimate enactment of this strategy was the fake Holocaust.
Hitchcock documents numerous instances of treason by Jews against the United States, with rarely any political or judicial consequences. Richard Perle is among the most egregious spies in America, but he is hardly alone. Jewish infiltration and colonization of America received a huge boost from James Jesus Angleton who was a Mossad mole in the CIA.
We have only skimmed the surface of the business and political dealings of the Rothschild Empire, so we urge interested readers to Hitchcock’s timeline, with the understanding that not all of the details are correct. But the main narrative – that world history of the past 3 centuries can be explained by the Satanic machinations of the Rothschilds – is absolutely correct. We have met the enemy, and we must fight him.
Andrew Hitchcock, The French Connection, The History of the House of Rothschild,, nd, accessed 5/10/2014
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