Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Interrupt to Bring You a Special Weather Bulletin

While the Weather Nazis have been screaming about Global Warming for 2 decades, scientists who are not caught up in the hysteria and quackery have reported global cooling, a phenomenon we have covered previously. This time the cooling agent is the sun and volcanic ash.

Two very reasonable reporters have presented information to readers of King World News that global temperatures are under pressure from factors over which no totalitarian government has control. One of these reported by Gerald Celente is volcanic ash which is at all time record highs. The recent eruptions in Iceland, which shut down flights out of the United Kingdom for at least 5 days, are but one example of the many volcanic effulgences experienced around the planet.

The ash lingers in the upper atmosphere, blocking and deflecting sunlight in such a way as to lower temperatures, but also to influence weather patterns. No one in America will ever hear the CIA controlled press discuss this matter, but volcanic ash is a real and growing influence on temperatures and weather.

Another KWN contributor, Art Cashin, reported that solar activity is also pointing to cooler temperatures of a long secular nature. He informed readers of the presentation of Carl Luetzelschwab, an amateur radio authority, who finds that high frequency radio propagation is signaling a potential onset of the Maunder Minimum during which period sunspot activity subsides sharply.

The implications of reduced sunspot activity vary by geography, but for the United States and northern Europe, it spells severely colder winters, an effect last seen from 1645-1715, the final year, ironically enough, of the life of the Sun King - Louis XIV of France.

These findings have been corroborated in essence by NASA's Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment, and by an article published in Nature Geoscience. We reported comparable conclusions about solar activity, though for other reasons, in a previous article addressing the subject of global warming and its many mendacities. Weather is simply too complex to be explained by inanities from the inventor of the internet.
Thus we come full circle to the 1970s when climatologists were warning of global cooling and another ice age. While the Weather Nazis will soon switch their fear mongering from global warming to global cooling, they will not fade away.

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