Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bankster Murders to Accelerate

While the spate of reported bankster murders has subsided somewhat lately, we predict that they will accelerate in the near future and be concealed from the public.
Newsfakers from the corporate media, such as CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, and other purveyors of lies, have falsely reported, when they even bothered, that banksters were committing suicide. We smelled a 3 day dead fish frying on a New Orleans sidewalk in July when a dozen of these deaths were reported as “suicides.”
You know the old story – he died of a “heart attack” in his 30s, he died in an “accident”, he committed “suicide” with 3 shots to the back of his head, and so on. For some reason a gaggle of banksters had a hankering to jump off buildings all of a sudden.
Dr Jim Willie shed some light on that in a recent interview with Turd Furgeson when he pointed out that many banks, most notably Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and JPMorgan Chase, and others have 650 billion USD of life insurance coverage on “key” employees, with the banks as beneficiaries. The threadbare argument is that their middle managers are so critical to the banks’ successes that the banks must insure them. We wonder how many other industries follow suit.
The most startling aspect of this coverage is that the banks are insuring people without their knowledges or consents. If our dear reader is stupid enough to believe that this isn’t a murder racket, we ask that he move on to the site of one of the aforementioned newsfakers.
Willie gave a couple of reasons for the murders, one of which is the massive failed London Whale trades of JPM which cost the bank not 5 billion USD as newsfaked, but well in excess of 100 billion. The losses stemmed from interest rate swap derivatives rather than the reported FOREX losses. Apparently the bank and its syndicate do not want the truth revealed.
The murdered banksters are often mid level executives who know too much. Thus these banks hire hit men to murder them.
The other major motive for murders is concealment of knowledge of the massive drug laundering operations involving the Russian and Vatican mobs. If you thought the perverts in the Vatican were only interested in little boys, we can report that they are also heavily involved in drug money laundering. Banksters who know too much about this will have their lives taken, and the banks will collect the insurance money.
It is not a coincidence that many senior bank executives of these major banks, and senior Vatican leaders, are involved in Satanic religious worship.
Finally, Willie reiterated his predictions about Deutche Bank’s demise, and its involvements in the Interpol investigations leading to the incrimination of the high profile London and US banks. While Western governments are protecting these criminals, Eastern powers are taking steps to put the banks out of business.
With this much incentive to murder, we are confident that many more banksters will be found jumping from buildings or otherwise involved in “accidents.”
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