Friday, September 21, 2012

Where in the World is Barbara Olson?

Barbara Olson (December 27, 1955 - ? ) was the television commentator who earned a few seconds of fame for her book about Hillary Clinton’s evil liberal ways, but who also earned enduring fame for her alleged death on American Airline’s alleged Flight 77 when the alleged plane allegedly hit the Pentagon. We think that there are too many allegations to assume that Mrs. Olson went to her death in flames.
Perhaps Carmen San Diego could tell us Mrs. Olson’s where abouts, but absent a sudden channeling from her, we doubt that Ms. Diego will be of much help. However, deconstructing the 9/11 lies of the government will help us find a suitable path of discovery.
We have published strong – nay unassailable – evidence that a plane did not hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 as the newsfakers in the state controlled media told us. But this raises the most intriguing question about the life of Ted Olson’s wife. Since there was no airplane which hit the Pentagon, the natural question is what happened to the famous personage?
There are several avenues to consider, but they fall basically into two camps. The first is that Olson was killed, while the second is that Olson lived beyond 9/11 and is perhaps still alive. At this time we do not have sufficient evidence to prefer either hypothesis.
It is possible that the real flight 77 took off as described, but was then hijacked to a location unknown – perhaps Canada. It is also possible that Olson was kidnapped on the ground and murdered at location unknown. But her murder raises additional questions about motive. Who in the Bush Crime Syndicate wanted her dead and for what cause?
Was her death a warning to Ted to tow the line on some matter? Was she murdered because she angered the Clintons with her scathing exposure of Hillary’s radical politics, which couple are card carrying members of the Bush Crime Syndicate or the Rockefeller Axis of Evil – we are not yet sure which?
The other major possibility concerning Barbara Olson is that she is still alive incognito. We read one report that she had major face surgery – a highly developed skill of the CIA – and was living in Germany. We can see this outcome a reward of the BCS for her services rendered in the BCS’s totalitarian aspirations. But why go to so much bother? Did she really want to get away from Ted that much?
After considering the matter, we are inclined to believe that Barbara Olson is dead although we don't know where she was buried or why she was murdered. Perhaps the most likely reason is that her death brought the tragedy to the White House, and thus attention away from it as the epicenter of the attack on America.
These many questions linger with us because we know for a  fact that no plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11 – only a remote controlled projectile of sorts. We ask any spooks with the cunning of an Edward Lansdale to come forth in helping us locate Mrs. Olson – dead or alive.  
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Anonymous said...

A fact: after the announcement or Mrs, Olson's death, Mr.Ted Olson did not show any sign of grief. This even cought the attention of some journalists at the time. He could, at least, have faked some concern about the death of his wife.

The Pentagon " attack" had nothing to do with a large aircraft, we all now that, let alone Bab Olson dying in it. The mobile phone communications were, also, physically impossilbe.

We do not know about her faith, yet. But, if she was murdered in some way or another, Ted Olson must have known about it on beforehand.

We, still, do not know what to believe, but we are still looking into it. The truth may well come up some day.

Finding her, or her remains, could well prove that the whole 9/11 affair was an inside job.

Tony Bonn said...

You may not know what to believe but after reviewing the evidence of and jim marrs, we know exactly what to believe and have presented that elusive truth of yours in several postings.

more specifically, the story presented by the government is one preposterous ignorant lie; and that sophisticated intelligence forces - ie the CIA - allied with powerful financial interests planned the attacks on the world trade center buildings which were destroyed by controlled demolition techniques using nanothermite and low grade nuclear weapons.

Barbara Olson's remains - dead or alive - have no bearing on the nature of the crime committed by a 5th column of nazi plutocrats.

Ye know not the hour of your visitation.

Lou said...

No plane passenger or drone hit the pentagon, although a drone was exploded about 100 yards before striking the pentagon. The video below explains in great detail and presents the evidence of exactly what happened at the pentagon on 9/11. We need to thank this brave woman Barbara Honegger.