Saturday, September 22, 2012

Did the Rockefellers Murder President Kennedy?

We have written of the Bush Crime Syndicate’s murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza, but we have not given much attention to their paymasters – possibly America’s most illustrious and wicked family – one which would not surprise Ida Tarbell.
One of our correspondents has presented us with information which should enshrine the Rockefeller Axis of Evil as the most traitorous cabal to descend on America in its 400 plus years of existence. Deputizing the Bush Crime Syndicate, the Rockefellers murdered the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.
There are many gems to be discovered on dusty neglected shelves, some of which came from Morris Bealle, a wealthy gentleman from Maryland who was forced from his editorship of a local newspaper by the industrialists of his day who threatened him with ruin if he continued to publish stories about the dishonest and heavy handed dealings of the power companies.
Since he did not need to work, Bealle sold his interest in the newspaper at a loss and turned his attention full time to investigative journalism, reeling from the revelation that the press in America was not at all free.
One of his projects was to turn his focus on the Rockefellers who were regarded among the most powerful and wealthy families in America. He published a book about them in 1959 for which he found great difficulty to find a publisher due to the retributive power of the Rockefeller machine.
But his bravest effort was publishing a book entitled Guns of the Regressive Right about how the Rockefeller cabal ordered and arranged for the murder of the president for various reasons including his monetary and tax reforms targeted at the banking and oil barons. In order to protect himself from an onslaught of lawsuits, he published his work as a novel on the advice of publishers who turned down the manuscript.
He used code names, such as for the Dutch rendering of Rockefeller wherein David figures prominently with a strong resemblance to the lead protagonist. Those moving among the closely knit elite would be able to easily decipher the coded language. The most remarkable point about the self published work is that Bealle published it in 1964 – almost immediately after the cabal murdered Kennedy.
This version of the murder story fits well with our previous findings about the Bushs who were intimately connected with the Harrimans who were in turn allies of the Rockefellers. Please do not let political affiliations deceive you – money is thicker than blood.
The Establishment controlled press did not pursue the president’s murder because the Rockefeller influence was too great to overcome as Bealle had discovered in the case of the power company – although the Rockefellers were not implicated in that imbroglio.
David Rockefeller has been most frank in recent years concerning his efforts for abolishing US sovereignty in order that the nation might be governed by an elite international plutocracy. The John Birchers and others accused of flighty imaginations have been fully vindicated by the confessions of the arch enemy of the United States – David Rockefeller. His murder of the President of the United States - which allegation we believe is most credible - is clear evidence that his hatred for this country runs long and deep. Conspiracies are indeed the province of a sick mind; exposing them is the duty of all true patriots.
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