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When Did Howard Hughes Die?

Many are still alive who recall the Kim Kardashian like circus surrounding the sad last days of Howard Hughes. Although you may pass a history testing by giving the date of his death as April 5, 1976, the truthometer will buzz loudly with displeasure.

Yes there is much gratification is regurgitating the lies and fancies of the state controlled press, but it is much more satisfying to feast on the truth. In this case we believe that Howard Hughes died no later than 1971 and no earlier than 1957.

Enigmatic elusive Howard Hughes continues to fascinate historians, journalists, and gossips decades after his purported death. His alleged final gasps spawned a television movie, late night TV jokes, and a very sordid fascination with the peccadilloes of the successful billionaire.

What you don’t hear about in That 70s Show is the many death watches which were fodder for Saturday Night Live. Guessing when the next right winged dictator was ready to give up the ghost became something of a parlor game. When is the old coot going to kick the can, already? Franco, Kai-shek, Tito, and others were for years on their last breaths – breaths which we believe the CIA played a very heavy hand in taking away.

But Hughes’ vast wealth and exaggerated hypochondria made him more fascinating than the rest. How could a man who had risen to stellar heights fall to such hellish lows? Couldn’t his money cure him of his illness?

We believe that there is much more to the story than meets the eye. Our working thesis is that the CIA murdered Hughes for political and personal reasons – and aren’t the two so often the same? Hughes had become associated with Republican politics in a way which threatened big government, and he had technologies which could be employed in devious ways – especially if in the hands of a Spook.
Perhaps the best explanation for his demise lay in his companies' oil technologies which Hughes probably used to tighten the scews on the Eastern plutocrats.

The Canadian newspaper Midnight argued that Hughes was buried off of the Greek island of Skorpios in 1971. It suggested that John Kennedy had secretly survived his assassination and was held by Aristotle Onassis. Mae Brussell, who in contrast to the Midnight, was a respected and fact conscious assassination researcher, argued that Hughes died on April 16, 1971 and was buried in the same location.

There are some reasons we present below to support Hughes’ murder in 1971 but we can’t rule out 1957. The reports state that Hughes was kidnapped and severely incapacitated, possibly in a botched CIA job. A component of my current theory is that the CIA feared the growing alliance and influence Richard Nixon would wield if he were to tap fully into Hughes’ money. In conunction with Hughes' squeeze on Eastern plutocrats, his death was all but assured.

Since our original publication of this report, we have learned so much more about the Bush Crime Syndicate that we could easily see its principals wishing to cut Nixon off at the knees. Hence, they concocted a plan to incapacitate Hughes.

Whatever the reasons for Hughes’ murder, the last 20 years of his penumbrations were a long running CIA gag – one in which the spooks were rolling on the floor laughing their hind ends off as they created this garish caricature of a hypochondriac who was never seen. It was like an I Love Lucy episode where Lucy tries to avoid getting caught impersonating two people.

Hughes was never seen in public after 1957. A body double was hired to give fleeting glimpses of the man to maintain the illusion that he was still alive. The reason for this charade was to continue to tap his bank accounts. After all, if he were officially declared dead, the banks would close his accounts. Hughes died intestate – or his will was destroyed by the CIA, precluding any orderly liquidation of assets.

Noah Dietrich, Hughes close right hand man, retired in 1957, on very abrupt notice and under the most peculiar circumstances. It is our guess that he was fired by some CIA thug and Dietrich kept very quiet for good reason.

Hughes’ marriage to glamour actress Jean Peters – also in 1957 - was the most soaring performance of the latter’s career. Their non-marriage could always generate headlines – especially in conduits like CIA outlet Parade Magazine. During the entire period of the fake marriage, neither saw the other and communicated nearly always by phone. Peters kept all of the details about this “marriage” like the state secret which it was – meaning that it was a masquerade.

The CIA finally started winding down the hoax in 1971, just about the time which they sprung Watergate on us. Peters and Hughes “divorced” in that year with the former Mrs Hughes receiving 70,000 USD per year alimony – which was enough to be modestly comfortable at the time, but peanuts compared to Hughes’ vast fortune. But actors' salaries would not rocket into the stratosphere for a few years yet.

Though the divorce was finalized in June, it comports well with the theories for an April death.

The complete reclusiveness of Hughes was predicated upon his acute germ phobia. Again, I believe that this was a cover to provide plausible explanation of his hermetic behavior. Body doubles were used to provide his presence when absolutely necessary but these became increasingly rare and confusing wherein there was the healthy van dyke bearded Hughes juxtaposed with the frail gross looking Hughes with 6 inch finger nails.

The same clowns – CIA - who brought us Watergate also had a fun time destroying Howard Hughes. My theory is that they incapacitated him to wrest control of his money and projects. When they discovered that he was intestate they realized that they had a huge problem. Thus they kept him alive for years in order to uncover more details about his holdings and to safeguard their unfolding plans. This is a subject deserving more scrutiny.

At some point his health failed or they no longer needed him. My suspicion is that this occurred in April 1971. Then the CIA had the most hilarious uproarious time creating the comical hypochondriac whom they finally let die officially in April 1976.

This same showmanship over an incompetent or dead person was used years later with Osama bin Laden, leaving us another finger print of the CIA’s vicious activities.

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