Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where is Uncle Robert Oswald?

Ralph Cinque just published a fascinating snippet of information supporting the HARVEY and LEE theory which states that 2 different men using the same identity were operated by the same CIA who murdered President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

Cinque related a conversation he had with author John Armstrong who called Rachel Oswald years ago in order to secure an interview with Robert who was the brother of LEE Oswald. HARVEY Oswald is the man falsely accused of killing the President.

Rachel told Armstrong that neither she nor her sister June had ever heard from Robert Oswald - a very strange phenomenon considering that his alleged nieces had lost their father. Robert's complete disassociation with them is "smoking gun" proof that he was not a relative but merely another intelligence figure in the murky Oswald Project.

This episode reminded me of the surreal story Julian Lennon related about rarely seeing his father John. This was because Julian's father was the real John Lennon - not the fake who was allegedly shot by Mark David Chapman. Thus there was no reason for the fake John Lennon to have much interaction with Julian other than for publicity purposes.

This story is yet additional confirmation that HARVEY and LEE were CIA agents who were part of the Permindex-CIA against coup against the American government.

Ralph Cinque, Untitled,, February 12, 2017, accessed 2/12/2017

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