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The Murder of Vincent Foster Won't Go Away

It is astonishing how many Americans want a murderer in the White House, but that is precisely what the 2016 election results showed when millions of votes were registered for Hillary Clinton who was a perpetrator in the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster in July 1993. Evidence newly brought to our attention confirms that Foster was murdered with White House complicity.

We have covered Foster's murder before, linking it to the Inslaw software scandals,  Hillary Clinton's possession of nuclear launch codes, as well as to Whitewater financial scandals. However, recently acquired evidence points most likely to a large file which private investigator Jerry Parks had assembled on Bill Clinton's massive drug use and sex with underage girls at his brother's apartment in Little Rock. Part of  Parks' files included information on illegal assignments he had performed for the Clinton's under direction from Vincent Foster.

Parks admitted to 2 instances in which Foster paid him 1,000 USD to pick up a trunk of cash from the Mena airport, which was an important hub in the nation-wide Bush Iran-Contra cocaine drug distribution operation, which Foster received on behalf of the Clintons. Parks' files obviously contained information deeply damaging to the Clintons' crime syndicate.

Parks also surveilled Bill Clinton for Hillary in order to assess Bill's vulnerability to scandal in a presidential election. Again Foster was the intermediary for Hillary with Parks who had been working for the Clintons for 10 years when Foster pressed him for his files. On two occasions within a week before his murder, Foster attempted to obtain the files, at which points Parks reminded Foster of the agreement that the file would not be given to Hillary. In refusing Hillary's demand for the files, Parks signed his own death warrant as well as that of Foster. The Clinton Body Count grows.

We know for a fact that Clinton aides ransacked Foster's office at the White House immediately after his murder was announced in order to remove files, and that Hillary completely remodeled the office in an effort to scrub the scene of the crime of incriminating evidence. We believe that the documents taken were directly related to Parks' - probably copies of what the private investigator retained. When Parks was murdered 2 months after Foster, his apartment was also ransacked, but only his Clinton file was taken.

The new evidence convincing us that Bill and Hillary Clinton were co-murderers of Foster is Clinton's firing of FBI Director William Sessions the day before the murder, an act precipitating a leadership vacuum at a critical moment when a capital crime was committed. Leaving the murder investigation to Fort Marcy Park rangers is like sending a high school class 1A football quarterback to substitute for Tom Brady in a Super Bowl game.

Not only did the firing of Sessions leave a power vacuum of sorts, it also represented foreknowledge and premeditation to know that someone important should be fired to undermine investigations.

While there were many anomalies found at the crime scene, there are 6 which confirm conclusively that Foster was murdered and at some other location than the park.
  1. Virtual absence of blood - Witnesses, such as first responders, noted that there was a conspicuous absence of blood at the crime scene. The virtual absence of blood raised red flags for veteran homicide investigator Vincent Scalise who said that suicide, as the one alleged of Foster, would have left large quantities of blood and body tissue over the area, yet none was found. Louis Freeh's FBI - as with Hoover's - altered evidence and testimony to fit the subsequent story that such claims were never made.
  2. No evidence of suicide. The sin qua non for suicide is forensic evidence making a prima facie case that such an act indeed occurred. A confidential witness who saw and reported the dead body studied intently Foster's corpse, noticing specifically that there was no gun. The gun which was later planted on him did not belong to him, nor did it match the nature of the wounds found on Foster. Just as significantly, the bullet which allegedly killed Foster was never found. Thus there is no physical evidence to support the cover-up theory of suicide.
  3. Thugs preventing access. A man seen by Patrick Knowlton prevented park visitors from advancing near the place where the murderers planted the body. A good sketch was obtained from him but it was never investigated. However, the purpose of the guard was to prevent access to the body dumping prior to the scheduled time of discovery, and to protect the perpetrators while they staged the crime scene. The sketch of the man looked like one of George Bush's Cuban thugs involved in the murder of President Kennedy.
  4. Neck wound. Foster suffered a neck wound - possibly lethal - which the FBI covered up. Had this evidence been disclosed, Foster's death would have had to been ruled a possible homicide triggering a murder investigation.
  5. Massive carpet fibers. Large quantities of carpet fibers were found all over Foster's clothing proving that he was rolled up in a carpet and removed from some location which we will discuss momentarily. Accessories after the fact to murder claimed that the fibers came from a contaminated body bag, but clothing articles left in Foster's car, which did not go inside the body bag, had those same carpet fibers.
The evidence is overwhelming that Foster was murdered. Those who claim otherwise are accessories after the fact to murder, and participants in the cover-up of a capital crime.

The most fascinating aspect of the murder is the carpet fibers. From where was he carried? Strategic Investment reported in 1993/4 that he was murdered in Hillary Clinton's New York apartment, but this is absurd - but close. Foster was actually murdered in his office at the White House. Since Hillary was redecorating, as a prelude and postlude to the murder, it was very easy to bring in CIA or Mossad thugs to act as construction crew, roll up the dead body, and dump it in Fort Marcy Park.

Another reason for suspecting the White House as the murder scene is the missing security tapes which closely monitor ingress and egress of visitors to the White House at the time Foster was murdered. These tapes are normally highly controlled, but someone with sufficient knowledge of White House security - AND AUTHORITY - to override operating procedures, ensured that the tape was taken from the library. We believe that the tape would show certain men removing a roll of carpet.

Perhaps the most under-reported aspect of the murder was the discovery of semen on Foster's underclothing, strongly suggesting that he was in the midst of sex at the time he was murdered. Blonde hairs were also discovered. Our conclusion is that the hairs were those of Hillary Clinton who acted as the decoy while someone else murdered him.

The investigations which occurred after the murder, including those of Robert Fiske, Kenneth Star, a Republican Congressman, Fort Marcy Park rangers, FBI, and other incompetent parties and conspirators proved nothing. They systematically ignored witnesses and evidence to reach their pre-determined conclusions. Not a single one of them addressed the 6 evidences above which should have been presented to a grand jury but were not. These evidences alone were sufficient to prove murder.

As Rome was riddled with criminality and murders in the clawing for power of the empire, so too Washington. The traduction of the United States could not have occurred without the equally corrupt Bush Crime Syndicate which put the Clintons in the White House.

In the end, Vincent Foster got exactly what he deserved - he was part and parcel of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and every bit as corrupt as his psychopathic masters.

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