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Were There More Than 2 Oswalds?

We know that there was more than one Lee Harvey Oswalds. But does photographic evidence support more than two? We present some pictures to help answer the question.

1 - HARVEY 1963
The first picture below is Lee HARVEY Oswald's mug shot taken November 23, 1963, the day he was finally charged with the murder of J D Tippit and President John Kennedy. Although the police had no credible evidence for the arrest or charge, they were in the business of framing a patsy - justice be damned. This is the man John Armstrong identifies as HARVEY, and shows him at 24 years of age.

2 - HARVEY November 1959
The next picture is purported to be of HARVEY in the USSR shortly after his fake defection in October 1959. The picture was allegedly taken at the Metropole Hotel in Moscow in November.

This picture is probably the most flattering of HARVEY when he was 20 years old. We believe that there is strong enough resemblance between the first 2 pictures to reasonably conclude that they are the same man - HARVEY Oswald.

The third picture is allegedly that of HARVEY Oswald with Alexander Romanovich Ziger, a contact or friend with whom he spent much time while in Minsk. The picture dates from around 1960/61 when HARVEY was about 21 years old. This picture does not bear to us a close likeness of HARVEY, and may thus be someone else. However, we are not adamant on the point and could accept that this is HARVEY Oswald.

3 - HARVEY (?) 1960
The 4th photograph is allegedly of HARVEY in the USSR taken with Marina, his wife in front of him, whom we have cropped away. The picture would probably be summer 1961 since they are in short sleeves, and would be after their March wedding.

4 - Allegedly HARVEY 1961
We have much stronger objections to this being HARVEY than picture 3 for 3 basic reasons. The first is that eyebrows do not match. Secondly the forehead is quite flat although some might attribute that to lighting - something with which we disagree. The 3d and most important reason we deny that this is HARVEY is the hair and hairline. HARVEY would experience a dream come true if he could grow that much hair. In all other established pictures of HARVEY, he has concave hair recession around the temples, whereas this person's hairline is quite straight if not slightly convex. In general there is a resemblance but not a distinct likeness to the other HARVEY images.

This brings us to photo 5 which shows whom we believe to be LEE Oswald circa 1956 taken while he was on a Civil Air Patrol bivouac with, among other people, David Ferrie.

The picture would have been taken when LEE was around 17 years old and shows better physical development than HARVEY had. The hair, hairline, and smile look much more like the person in photograph 4. There seems to be way too much hair for this to be HARVEY.
5 - LEE at CAP c. 1956

The implications of these pictures are rather staggering for it would suggest that either the person pictured in photograph 5 is not LEE Oswald, or that if it is LEE Oswald, then he too would have been in the USSR with Marina - if in fact that cropped picture 4 is of Marina Oswald.

The other possibility is that the picture (4) was staged in the USA somehow. An interesting fact about HARVEY Oswald is that he had an IQ of 118 - or possibly 121, an IQ typical of Chief Executive Officers. The CAP is not an outfit which typically attracts young men in that intelligence bracket, but it would be attractive to LEE Oswald whose IQ was 103.

We are still trying to make sense of the photographs and the people in them. We expect our views to evolve as we give more thought to them, and uncover new ones. For now there is sufficient evidence to reinforce the 2 Oswalds scenario, and possibly a third - which brings to remembrance the famous 1940s song - The Third Man.

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