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The Strange Death of Michael Collins Piper

When famed alternative and revisionist historian and reporter Michael Collins Piper (1960-2015) died in 2015, rumors circulated that his death may not have been due to natural causes. Based upon the evidence we have gathered, murder does not appear to be the cause of death.

It is not as though some have tried to make the case. Writing within a week of his death, Gordon Duff, editor of Veterans Today, opined that the relatively young Piper was probably the victim of murder. The basic premise for the case for murder is that Piper was an outspoken critic of Israel and Jews who wouldn't keep his mouth shut. Also, 3 weeks prior to his death, his cabin in Idaho burned down, after which he was living in a budget motel at the time of his death. The insinuation is that he escaped one assassination attempt, only to succumb to a second.

Piper had enemies far and wide who took issue with his fingering Jews as the causes of World War 2 and the murder of John Kennedy. Observers saw great motive for Jews to murder him since he exposed facts which had lain so deep under the sediment of history that their exposures would greatly embarrass Jews and Zionists.

We read a comment from one forum poster which said that she heard from a visitor to Piper a week before his death that he was "hale and hardy", working vigorously at a café on his next book. So one might ask how a man could go from "hale and hardy" to comatose and dead in such a short time.

The answer to that and other questions can be found in Piper's last broadcast in 2015 made days before his death. We assume that the audio recording is authentic, and based upon listening to previous broadcasts by him, we believe that it is.

During this final show, Piper made frequent mention of his heart ailment which necessitated open heart surgery. He complained of being fat, barely able to walk, and in chronic pain. On 2-3 occasions throughout the program, Piper wished that God would "take me home" since he did not want to live a long life in chronic pain and confined to a wheel chair. He truly despaired of life and stated that it would be over soon.

It thus seems to us that Piper succumbed to poor health, perhaps aided and abetted by benign neglect of his medicines.

Piper also expressed great hostility to Willis and Elizabeth Carto whom he claimed took millions of dollars in offshore accounts while poor mouthing the financial condition of American Free Press which had been his employer either as the Spotlight or AFP for over 30 years. We found reports indicating that Carto cut Piper's pay 50% and would only use him on a per piece basis.

Undoubtedly the economics of online publishing is very challenging at best, so there may have been some justification in handling compensation. But given the fact that Carto had millions while a long time faithful employee was literally dying, it is understandable why Piper despised Carto, a sentiment which we share.

Absent any new facts, we do not have any justification for concluding that assassins murdered Piper. His last testament, so to speak, was that he would die soon, and so it was. He was an extraordinary truth warrior, and his contributions to historical research will be greatly missed.

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