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Alek J Hidell and the Vindication of Lee Oswald

There are many evidences exonerating Lee Oswald of the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. One of the more obscure ones involves his alias Alek J Hidell.

Serious students of the assassination will come across this somewhat mysterious name in due course. It has been associated with Oswald's post office box, the Mannlicher Carcano rifle, and a note received by the Dallas Police Department warning of danger to the president.

But there is another note sent from Oswald to DPD which is sometimes confused with the note sent to FBI agent James Hosty, so it worth delineating the 2 notes.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations confirmed that Oswald delivered a message to FBI Agent James Hosty at the FBI field office in Dallas, a fact concealed until about 1975. According to prevarications peddled by WCR shills, the note contained a threat to blow up the office.

The reality is that it was a note from Oswald to Hosty to stop harassing his wife. The Dallas FBI agent had been instructed in March to keep an eye on Oswald who was in New Orleans, in part because he subscribed to the Daily Worker. Unfortunately no one bothered to inform Hosty that Oswald subscribed to it as part of creating his leftist legend and identifying Castro supporters. In fact, that was what Fair Play for Cuba was all about - a lint operation to identify communists and their sympathizers.

Oswald was understandably annoyed that the powers of the state were being used to harass his wife; so he left a note with Hosty insisting that he desist from such actions, and probably indicated that it was part of his covert operations with former FBI agent Guy Banister. Our suspicion is that the note was not signed by Alek J Hidell.

The FBI desperately attempted to suppress this note because it showed awareness of Oswald long before November 22, 1963, such revelations demonstrating that it had failed to prevent a presidential assassination if you accept the cock and bull story that Oswald killed the president.

Either Oswald confronted Hosty in September when he returned to Dallas, or made a special trip to Dallas during the summer. Our strong suspicion is that it was the former. The harassment incident occurred in June 1963.

Jim Marrs told the story of the second note based upon the witnesses of several Dallas Police Department officers who confirmed to him receipt of the warning. The note warning of imminent danger to the president was sent to DPD intelligence which, unable to find any Alek J Hidells, dismissed it as a crank or unreliable information according to Marrs. The more likely explanation is that DPD filed it in the round file since it was deeply involved in the murders of Kennedy, Oswald, and Tippit.

After Oswald's arrest, FBI ransacked DPD downtown headquarters on 11/25/1963 in search of the note, realizing that it was explosive information which had to be quickly destroyed to ensure the success of its plot to frame Lee Oswald for the murder President Kennedy, although technically he was only charged with the murder of Tippit whom he did not kill.

There is no question that Oswald used the alias Hidell, a fact confirmed by Judyth Vary Baker who knew Oswald well. It is also true that others, such as the vile Ruth Paine, used the name to implicate Oswald in certain incriminating acts such as ordering the Mannlicher Carcano rifle from a Chicago gun dealer. Paine, working for the CIA, used the Hidell nom de plume to order the rifle so that it could be pinned on Oswald, as was in fact done in the famous visit to her garage following the assassination.

Lee also sent a warning to FBI prior to Kennedy's planned visit to Chicago, a visit which was canceled due to concerns about security. Oswald again sent a notice to authorities in Dallas. Thus we can see that this CIA agent was very protective of the president's security. Yet paradoxically, this concern for Kennedy would cost him his life once CIA found out about Oswald's interference with their operations.

Yet there is a third note, signed by Alek J Hidell, which originated with Oswald which was received at the  FBI Dallas office telex by William Walter on November 21, 1963 in Dallas, again warning of danger to the President's life. This note also conveniently vanished down the toilet - literally.

Agent James Hosty was compelled by his superior Gordon Shanklin to destroy the copy of the telex. FBI and DPD were heavily involved in the murder of the president, doing all it could to obstruct justice by, but not limited to, destruction of evidence, and murder of witnesses.

Had the note become public, it would have undermined the case against Oswald, and would have exposed his intelligence activities with CIA and FBI. In sending the note to Dallas FBI, Oswald continued the practice he established in Chicago in protecting the president against the CIA's operation to murder him, something which did not fit well with the "lone nut" idiocy concocted by the Warren Commission and its shills down to the present time.

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