Monday, January 16, 2017

Hillary Clinton's Body Doubles

An extraordinary video from a foreign source provides irrefutable evidence that body doubles were used for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, not just on campaign stops, but on nationally televised debates.

While facial recognition experts could probably uncover the true Hillary from the many fakes by using unaided visual analysis, the experts who produced this video used the eye-tooth ratio to ferret the real from the fake Hillary Clinton.

Using a known image of Clinton from her high school picture, the authors determined that Clinton's eye-tooth ratio is 1.12. This image is constant throughout life, and does not change. When the ratio is within tolerance of error, it can be used to prove that someone is not who he is alleged to be.

For example, a ratio of 1.15 would mean that the person could not be someone with an eye-tooth ratio of 1.12, no matter how similar the two people look or sound.

In the course of the video, the authors showed image after image of fake Hillarys on the nation's foremost fake news purveyor, CNN.

The authors asked for help in determining the identity of the affable imposter, but she may well have been eliminated after her need had passed.

This use of body doubles raises again the question of Hillary Clinton's health which, undoubtedly, was the motivation for using doppelgangers. We reported prior to the election that Clinton's frail health could lead to her demise at any time, and we are now asking again if Clinton is dead already, something which would elicit profound joy and hooping and hollering.

Clinton massively lost the election including the popular vote, contrary to what the Jew controlled news media stated. If Clinton were remotely viable, the election would have been thrown to her, dead or alive. But the truth is that it was so lop-sided that not even the Department of Homeland Security or CIA could rig the results as they were caught attempting to do.

As it is, we believe that CIA and Soros are planning a coup which will assassinate Trump. Project Veritas has already captured on tape several terrorists planning to detonate explosives at inauguration events. Even so, it cannot bring Hillary back from political or physical death.

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