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Why the DPD Murdered Tippit

We have published a number of exploratory articles on the murder of Dallas Police Department officer J D Tippit who was lethally assailed in the aftermath of the killing of President John Kennedy in Dealey plaza on November 22, 1963, attempting to determine who killed him. After piecing together the relevant data, we have concluded firmly that Tippit was murdered by the DPD because he was attempting to assist Lee Oswald escape from his certain death trap.
The preceding paragraph is pregnant with assumptions and implications which we will unpack. The first point to jump out at the casual reader is that we reject with vehemence the pack of lies known as the Warren Commission Report which was none other than obstruction of justice by the murderers, one of whose leading elements was Allen Dulles working for banksters such as Nelson Rockefeller.
The main lie of the WCR is that Lee Oswald murdered the president, a known obfuscation which Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach laid out in a memo to Bildeberger member Bill Moyers for Lyndon Johnson. The other lie of this tawdry filth was that Oswald murdered J D Tippit. There isn’t a scintilla of evidence for either assertion, but with the weight of a criminal junta behind the lies, they have assumed the stature of truth.
The reality of the murder of Tippit is darker and more grisly than most can imagine. Ariel Sharon stated bluntly to a reporter circa 1982 that he frequently murdered Jews to score political points. Just as Sharon was a murderer of the highest order, so was the Dallas Police Department. For not only were they involved in the murder of the President, but they also murdered one of their own – not to score political points so much as to thwart an escape plan.
If Oswald had lived, the lies of the coup members would have been exposed for the crock that they were and still are. Hence the CIA planners required that Oswald be murdered. But why would they want to murder Tippit.
Tippit is an interesting character – sometimes hailed as a good man; other times vilified as a corrupt cop. Our conclusion, after much vacillation, is that he was by and large a decent man with some flaws, as we all have. Much of the biography demeaning Tippit is written to undermine any sympathy for him and to cover up his murder by DPD acting in concert with the CIA and Secret Service.
At the end of the day, we conclude that Tippit was a responsible and loving family man who got in over his head when he attempted to assist Oswald escape to Mexico.
Oswald had become dissatisfied with his career with the CIA, knowing that he was skating on thin ice with them after the debacle in Mexico City. He and Judyth Baker had planned to escape to Mexico, perhaps with the assistance of David Ferrie, to lay low for a while. Oswald knew that the CIA was planning to murder the president, but thought that on loan to the FBI that he had a chance to thwart it.
In any event, Oswald knew too much about the seamy crimes of the CIA and Dr Alton Oschner in New Orleans, and thus became a threat to the CIA crime mob. He had told Baker in vague terms that he knew someone in Dallas who liked kids who would help him escape the firestorm following the murder of Kennedy.
In private discussions with Baker, it is clear that the person to whom Oswald referred was Tippit. He was known for his fondness for his children, a trait he shared with Oswald who also very much liked kids.
We now believe that the police car which Mrs Roberts heard and saw was indeed Tippit’s, who had agreed to pick up Oswald to take him to Red Field airport not far from the neighborhood where Oswald lived. The extra uniform in the car most likely would have provided Oswald with the necessary credentials to pass through whatever security barriers Oswald would face. The uniform was too small for Tippit.
The stories claiming that Tippit was prowling the neighborhood in the vicinity of 10th and Patton are probably correct. Having missed Oswald at his rooming house on Beckett, Tippit was looking for him in an area they had agreed upon – and one which brought them closer to Jack Ruby’s residence, which was only a few short blocks away.
We know of a witness, who died in the early 1990s, who saw a uniformed police officer walk down the drive way where Tippit was murdered to make sure that he was dead. There was another cop involved who left out the back alley.
Apparently Tippit agreed to help Oswald escape his entrapment as a patsy. However, a fake Oswald actually went to the rooming house to steal clothing to implicate Oswald in the Tippit murder. Oswald escaped to the Texas Theater directly from the Texas School Book Depository either to hide out to wait for a contact who never appeared, or to evade the cops whom he knew were on his trail.
Regardless of the exact details, we now strongly believe that Tippit was murdered because he, too, like Oswald, knew too much and was helping the enemy. The cop killer was the Dallas Police Department which included the very highest echelons of the crime center. It was the only way to cover up the crime of the century.

Private conversations with Judyth Baker.

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