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The Wickedness of the Federal Reserve

In commemoration of the centennial of the Federal Reserve, we thought we would invoke the images of cancer, lupus, leukemia, AIDs, and scurvy to describe its destructive, terroristic decimation of the economy and the civil liberties of its subjects. The Fed is a wicked insidious cancer on the nation whose monopoly on currency has been the source of all evils of the 20th and 21st centuries.
The Panic of 1907 was an early form of terrorism used to force public policy in favor of the plutocrats who rule the nation. J P Morgan stepped forth with his call for a central bank in the months following the rigged panic, a call which was answered in 1913 by Congress when through parliamentary trickery it enacted the Federal Reserve System.
The founders of this proto-Nazi system have been well documented in the Creature From Jekyll Island, to which we refer the reader. They put their new toy to use immediately in the conflagration of World War 1 which they also engineered. The purpose of the Fed was to raise the billions of dollars required to fight the war – billions which found its way into the coffers of the DuPonts, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Morgans, and other Nazi scum who profit from war.
The Hidden Secrets of Money, a fascinating video explaining how Fed money works, notes that the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax were no mere coincidences. The income tax is an essential requirement for supporting the Federal Reserve.
Few people understand that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation whose owners are impossible to identify, but who control America and its people, ruling with an iron fist, removing heads of state at will, and declaring war wherever and whenever it pleases them.
Congress nominally oversees the corporation, but their oversight is a public charade staged each year to pacify a few people who are concerned about its vast wealth and power over the currency.
The video presents an easy to understand model of how money is created and used to enslave people. The government creates debt which is financed through the selling of bonds. The bonds are purchased by the Too Big to Fail banks, often called primary dealers, who in turn sell them to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve issues a check for which it has absolutely no money to back, a practice which, if committed by ordinary people, would be prosecuted as check kiting. The banks then turn this fraudulent check into checkbook money and exchange it for currency of the printed kind. Most of our currency is digital, but some is printed.
So money is now strictly a function of debt. Without debt, there can be no money. The problem with debt is that it incurs interest payments, which is the reason the banksters demanded that Congress enact the income tax in 1913 at the same time that they enacted the Federal Reserve System. Someone, after all, has to pay the interest on the debt, and it surely would not be the banksters who profit enormously from this fraud.
The banksters developed their plans for unlimited government and deficit spending as early as the 1890s when they conducted seminars describing how it would work and how lower level bankers could agitate for a central bank. Herbert Hoover spent all of his postwar time propagandizing for big government and interventions into the economy, knowing full well that the banksters planned to trigger a depression in order to ignite deficit spending. He was not president in 1929 for naught.
One critical point to understand about the Fed is that its charter guarantees it a 6% dividend each year. Year after year, in good times as well as bad, the owners are paid 6% on their bond holdings, which after 100 years means that the worth of the secret owners of the Fed has grown by 340 fold. This wealth has been used to buy most of the industrial base of the United States for shipment to China for growth of even greater profits. These moves, of course, only benefit the top 1% or less of so-called Americans. This is actually from where Citizen of the World comes, whose current first citizen is Indonesian citizen Barry Soetoro.
Another critical point to recognize is that every single dollar brought into existence through this mechanism incurs interest, all of which goes to banksters as noted above. However, this matter of interest exposes the system for the fraud that it is. If the first dollar brought into existence is created through debt, then additional debt must be incurred to pay the interest on the first dollar. Hence, the system will never have enough currency to pay the debt on the currency. It is circular recursive exponential fraud doomed to implode.
The US Congress, each and every single one of them bought and paid for whores of the plutocracy, stages high theater with the talk of a debt ceiling, implying that somehow, Congress is imposing fiscal discipline on the presidency or itself. The drama is a complete and utter lie. Without a continuous expansion of the debt supply, the economy would collapse and the ability to pay the plutocrats’ 6% dividend would vanish. Therefore, federal deficits will continue year after year, world without end, until the entire fraud collapses of its own weight.
But fear not, the banksters took thought of that possibility when they instructed Clinton and Rubin to drain Fort Knox of its gold – not so much to depress its price through the London Gold Pool and other criminal operations of the government – but to fill their offshore vaults so that they would continue their extravagant lifestyles once gold was re-established as money. Heads I win, tails you lose.
The perpetual expansion of money benefits only one class – the 1%, for it is those closest to the currency spigot who benefit before the money expansion causes prices for goods and services to rise. The constant expansion of money deliberately takes from the poor to give to the rich. Thus Americans are hopelessly indebted to the plutocrats, reinventing serfdom. The people are too stupid to know what has happened to them and too stupid to do anything about it. However they are good at selling their children into debt slavery.
The Israelites made their children “pass through the fire” to worship Moloch who is Mammon. We hope that you understand that the children were burned alive for their parents' own prosperities. Now you can see why God was very angered by their wickedness.
The wars and destruction of the 20th and 21st centuries would be impossible without central banking, for only through the creation of fiat debt money could perpetual war - including the fraudulent war on terror - be waged. The Fed = War = Serfdom.
The Hidden Secrets of Money - Part 4,
Copyright 2013 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

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