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Bush-Nazi Connection Rewrites History of World War 2

Revelations about the Bush family connections to Adolf Hitler will completely rewrite chapters of World War 2 history, proving once again that establishment historians are frequently shills for the ongoing Nazi propaganda about the great war.
A steady stream of journalists have uncovered extensive and incontrovertible evidence that the Bush and Harriman families were the powers behind Adolf Hitler, acting through their emissary Fritz Thyssen, the German steel and coal baron who financed Adolf Hitler from his earliest attempts to seize power in the early 1920s.
These writers include Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, Russ Baker, and John Buchanan, the latter of whose articles in the New Hampshire Gazette provided extensive substantiation of the Tarpley and Chaitkin biography which was shunned by every publisher in America but now available online. The fact that this subject is dismissed by most journalists and historians demonstrates the power of the Bush dynasty and the vested interest their sock puppets have in perpetuating the Nazi Reich.
The story begins with Fritz Thyssen who began funding Hitler in 1923, near the time of the Beer Hall Putsch.  Thyssen had a close association with certain American plutocrats, particularly E Roland Harriman and W Averell Harriman, through which he conducted business in the United States.
Averell created a front company, Union Banking Corporation, in New York City the following year in 1924 with offices at 39 Broadway where Prescott Bush, father George Bush Sr, managed business, part of which included overseeing assets of Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, Hess, and most likely Hitler himself. Managing Thyssen’s business was UBC president and Dutch born American Cornelis Lievense. Roland was chairman.
After the New York Herald-Tribune published the story of the seizure of the bank, the Harriman’s did nothing to divest or distance themselves from their bank whose only clients were Nazis.
Another important partner in this venture was Friedrich Flick who was closely connected to George Herbert Walker, Prescott’s father-in-law and George Bush, Sr’s namesake, and Averell Harriman. Flick was convicted after the war for his creation and use of slave labor camps in Thyssen’s steel operations. This use of slave labor was in conjunction with Standard Oil’s (NJ) establishment of slave labor camps with IG Farben in Poland.
Buchanan reports that government documents show that the shareholders of UBC – of which Harriman and Bush were most prominent – were phantom shareholders who worked directly and expressly for Thyssen.
On October 20, 1942, the US Congress seized UBC and its assets under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Contrary to our previous conceptions, the seizure involved more than just UBC. Numerous other Nazi organizations were seized including Hamburg-American Line, Holland American Trading, Seamless Steel Equipment Corp, and Silesian-American Corp.
Prior to hostilities, Harriman and Bush shipped valuable assets and war materiel to Europe used to help build up Hitler’s military in preparation for the many invasions of Europe.
Finally after the death of Fritz Thyssen in 1951, the US government liquidated the assets of UBC, giving Harriman and Bush 1.5 million dollars each – the settlement for their stock holdings in the company. Yet other seizures followed after the war, including 18 of which were managed by Brown Brothers Harriman.
Our thesis is that Harriman was a leading power behind the instigation of World War 2, just as he would be in Vietnam 20 years later, definitely one of the creators of the Nazi death machine. Buchanan reports that Harriman was Roosevelt’s emissary to England meeting with Field Marshall Smuts to discuss war strategy. This point supports our view that much allied difficulty in fighting Hitler was due to conveyance of sensitive intelligence to the Nazis through American traitors such as Harriman, Farrish, and Bush.
But these were not the only traitors. Harriman’s Brown Brothers Harriman was the leading coordinator and financier for the rise of Hitler and his menacing of Europe. It is essential to understand that Hitler was as much a pawn as king. In the end, he did not call the shots – New York and London did so, the latter through elements of the British aristocracy who fomented Nazism, a large faction of which seethes with hatred for the “lower classes” - a problem requiring extensive eugenics treatment.
World War 2 only makes sense when one contemplates the contempt which American and British plutocrats and nobility have for the masses. The plutocrats expressed this venom through the creation of Hitler who was supposed to do all of their dirty work for them while they maintained plausible deniability of murder in their luxurious mansions and lifestyles.
Their treachery continued unabated after the war as Operation Paperclip imported hordes of Nazis to fill government and industrial positions of prominence to advance Wall Street’s Nazi ambitions. The coup of 1963 was the work of the same cabal which installed Hitler who was merely the whipping boy for the real Nazi’s ambitions.

John Buchanan, Bush/Nazi Link Confirmed, The New Hampshire Gazette, October 10, 2003

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