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Beter on the Kennedy Assassination

Dr Peter Beter  (1921 – 1987) revealed as long ago as 1975 the then astonishing revelation that the Rockefeller brothers, David and Nelson, murdered President John Kennedy in the City of Hate on November 22, 1963. We believe that Beter has provided a valuable service in shining a light on this difficult to grasp topic.
We must first inform you, our dear reader, that Dr Beter is not a source without difficulty. On the one hand he was a well educated, consummate Washington insider who provided significant legal counsel to various domestic and international commercial interests. On the other hand, he made preposterous claims that prominent men of the 1970s such as Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Jimmy Carter were actually murdered by the Soviets and replaced by androids who mimicked their personalities.
We believe that the answer to the conundrum is that Beter disseminated outlandish stories to give himself a credibility problem so that he could be easily dismissed as a quack, thus insuring that no one would murder him as with so many others who got too close to the truth. Thus we feel confident that the majority of Beter’s remarks on Kennedy are accurate or worthy as leads to additional investigation.
Beter is at his best when he ridicules the magic bullet theory of the Warren Commission:
According to this theory, my friends, which was the official judgment of the Warren Commission, a single bullet fired from a barely operable 20-year-old rifle by a poor--repeat, poor--marksman named Oswald, passed through President Kennedy, changed course, went through a car seat, struck Governor John Connally, smashed a rib or two, then smashed his wrist, then injured his leg, leaving behind fragments which Connally still carries in his body today, and then ended up in perfect laboratory specimen condition, completely undamaged except for the ballistic marks used to trace Oswald's gun.
This single bullet theory is such nonsense that we would probably throw a mystery novel in the trash in disgust, if it contained an episode so silly and amateurish.  But this fairy-tale was the only way that the Warren Commission could end up with their predetermined conclusion that Oswald acted alone and that we should therefore put the idea of a conspiracy out of our minds.  Of course, Oswald was not around to tell his side of the story, but never mind.  A note was conveniently found which we were assured Oswald had written explaining that he planned to kill President Kennedy.

One of Beter’s most novel remarks was that Kennedy was murdered by a shaped charged mounted in the presidential limousine. This would explain why the Secret Service rushed the car back to Washington under Lyndon Johnson’s orders to be completely dismantled and destroyed, to say nothing of destroying material and forensic evidence in the case.
Beter also provides two motives for the murder in which Kennedy double crossed the men who put him in power. Beter stated that after Kennedy investigated New York Senator Keating’s allegations that the Soviets had placed nuclear armed missiles in Cuba he confronted the Soviets in a match which nearly resulted in nuclear holocaust.
This exposure of the missiles was a direct affront to the Rockefellers who had placed them in Cuba for nuclear blackmail in a bid to take over the United States. If we had heard this explanation more than 3-5 years ago we would have rolled our eyes. However, Charlotte Iserbyt provided indirect substantiation when she reported that a Soviet dinner guest informed her that Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger were regular attendees at Soviet politburo meetings. In other words, the Rockefellers controlled the Soviets, and his constant with the Soviets would explain why Kissinger’s accent remains so heavy to this very day.
The other initiative which guaranteed Kennedy’s murder was his planned withdrawal from Viet Nam. This point has not been well understood until this century, making Beter’s intelligence all the more remarkable. Rockefeller’s Military Industrial Complex would not brook any interference with its plans to wage war and to capture the oil fields in the Vietnamese coastal waters.
Beter also noted that the 25th amendment to the Constitution outlining the succession of presidential power appeared – as if by magic bullet – out of nowhere in December 1963. Complex legislation, especially amendments to the Constitution, require more effort than that. Nelson Rockefeller had created the legislation years earlier and was waiting for the opportunity to spring it.
He then put the legislation to use when he attempted to murder Gerald Ford on two occasions in 1975 – all this after Ford had served the Kennedy murder cause so well.
We believe that Beter has provided invaluable insights into the Coup of 1963, and has rehabilitated himself in spite of some of his many outlandish remarks on current events of the late 1970s.

Peter Beter, Audio Letter 3, August 21, 1975
Copyright 2013 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

So Rockefeller could engineer the murder of one president (JFK), engineer the removal of another president (Nixon), and have the 25th Amendment written up expressly for him. You would think becoming president would be a breeze for a guy who pull off all the above. And yet, Rockefeller remained stuck as vice president, never making it to the top. Therein lies the problem with the "Rockefeller as All-Powerful Kingmaker" theory.

Tony Bonn said...

Not in the least. There are 2 power structures in America and around the world - the nominal and visible and the real and invisible. the rockefellers control the latter whereas they have had mixed results with the former.

nelson nearly succeeded with the former with 2 assassination attempts on ford. at the end of the day, it didn't matter because the real power is always behind the scenes and nelson and his brothers were very much at its center.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it doesn't matter, but for someone who could get rid of both JFK and Nixon, it's still surprising and odd that Rocky couldn't force Ford to either 1) step down as president or 2) keep him on as VP. Surely, either option was a much easier task than everything else Rocky had done up to that point to become just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Tony Bonn said...

nelson wasn't going to run for office - he didn't need it. when his attempts to murder or disable ford failed, he gave up visible presidential aspirations. besides, I think everyone knew that Rockefeller was electoral poison, so the best chance for republicans to keep power was by bowing out.

ford was owned by the rockefellers and therefore preferable to carter. ford paid his dues by covering up the jfk murder which was authorized by the rockefellers, among others. Rockefeller had more important things to do. when he wanted to, he would tell ford what to do and ford jumped. david selected carter and told him what to do as in letting the shah into the usa.

so both rockefellers were the real powers behind either throne. after a certain point, nelson couldn't give 2 flips of a rat's ass that he held visible power. he installed and removed presidents at will - and by assassination if need be as he did with kennedy.