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Three Authors On America's Occult Government

(Below) From history.com - Nixon Releases Audio Tapes: Armed with damning testimony including Nixon's own statements on tape, Congress began the official impeachment process (Photo Credit: Bettmann/CORBIS)

We have recently come across a trio of authors who are perhaps only related in this author’s mind but who shed important light on America’s post war political economy. One deals with Nixon and Watergate, another with the Bush dynasty, and another with American Empire. The fascinating aspect about these authors and their stories is that they are respectable establishment types who are not considered to be on the fringe of intellectual society. On the other hand, those of us steeped in the occultic nature of our government will find little new revelation. Nonetheless we highly encourage examinations of their works.

The first author is Len Colodny whose seminal book Silent Coup was a best seller when published in 1991. He made the argument that Nixon was removed from power by subversive forces in his own administration with special thanks to the traitors Alexander Haig and John Dean. Dean along with Bob Woodward, who gave us the Deep Throat deceptions, has dominated the understanding and interpretation of Watergate and Nixon’s villainy in the affair. Colodny originally exculpated Nixon as an unwilling participant manipulated by forces more focused than himself but has since recanted of that view based upon new information from Nixon’s tapes. His current thesis is that Nixon took an active role in the cover-up while John Dean thought that he could throw Nixon under the bus to save his own hide. Dean prevailed while Nixon was thrown to the sharks. They both participated in obstruction of justice with Nixon directly handling the cover up in March of 1973.

None of the foregoing alters our thesis that the CIA engineered the political assassination of Richard Nixon because of his unwillingness to mind his masters. This is where our next author, Russ Baker picks up the story in his book Family of Secrets. He shows that the Bush’s going back to Prescott Bush have established powerful intelligence connections and with other oligarchs of the occult have much of American power structures in a vice grip. He shows George H. W. Bush’s mysterious presence in Dallas on the day of Kennedy’s assassination, his Zapata Oil Company which was a front for intelligence work and many other associations related to the CIA. Long time readers of these Chronicles know that we extend the thesis further by asserting an involvement by the Bush’s in the Kennedy assassination.

The final author of note is Chalmers Johnson who has sterling credentials as a former professor at the University of California Berkeley who was a Far East affairs expert who then started his own consulting firm in said matters after retiring from his academic position. He was a Cold Warrior who came to alter his position fundamentally after work with the CIA and further study of the Soviet phenomenon. One of his first disturbing observations is that the CIA so missed the boat on the crack-up of the USSR that he wondered what the CIA was doing with all of its funding.

He was further alarmed by the continued bellicosity of the United States following the demise of the USSR. Surely its dissolution would justify a peace dividend which was briefly discussed at the time. However with over 1000 bases around the world – and hundreds of them acquired after 1991 – he began to develop his thesis that America has turned from a republic to an Empire just as did Rome.

Strangely enough the CIA and its paymasters had the same thesis about themselves. In fact, one former CIA asset, an erstwhile preacher named Robert Thieme, jr. fulminated at great length about the need for the United States to transform itself from republic to an Empire because we had long outgrown that structure of government which was no longer suitable for the Cold War.

So Johnson has caught up with Colonel Thieme in his view of the American century but takes the opposite position that this is bad for our country and is causing its political, economical, and social exhaustion. Watching interviews of Johnson done five years ago  so eerily sound as though they were done this year (2009) because of his prescient anticipation of the economic crises we would face.

Although there is nothing new of substance in these books they each show different angles of the hidden powers and agendas which rule America which superficial students of American history usually overlook. They are worth reading especially by those who think that folks such as those publishing the The American Chronicle are possibly kooks.

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Anonymous said...

Thieme Jr., a former CIA asset?
Please tell me more.

tangerineowl said...

Ah, now I understand where you were coming from, in regard to your comment about the late Thieme Jr. I believe you were 'tonyatl' on the Rick Ross forum discussion on Thieme.
(see post on November 12, 2007 10:00PM)

It can be quite tricky determining the truth behind half of the statements Thieme Jr boasted about.
I have a copy of a 1961 public meeting pamphlet in which is written he, "Was active in Operation Big Switch" (Korean War). What "active" actually means is hard to determine, as his military service file makes no mention of this involvement during the dates this event took place (He was located in the U.S. during).

If I were to put two and two together, I would say that his 'action' may have simply been writing down names and details on paper while performing administrative duties (his main role during his military career).

One point which may interest you is that he ended his role in the reserves (in the same month) shortly after Kennedy broadcast his opposition to pro-Cuba (Russian) war military figures.

I will have to read through your Rick Ross posts once again.

Tony Bonn said...

one of my reasons for believing that thieme actively served the purposes of the cia for some time is based upon several themes (no pun really intended) which run through his monologues.

1. he bragged about being offered generalship on numerous occassions - something which i fully believe as true. one of his biographers notes his rather rapid ascent given a skimpy military record. this is typical of someone serving the interests of higher powers.

2. he spoke interminably about the evil kennedys stating that jfk was under divine discipline - no doubt of the compound variety.

3. he spoke glowingly and ebuliently of curtis lemay who was involved in the planning and cover-up of the kennedy murder. he was the one smoking the cigar during the faked autopsy.

4. thieme was forever speaking about the united states needing to transform itself from a republic into an empire - a goal of the banksters who run the cia. go back to the 1977 roman series to hear those gems.

5. thieme spoke approvingly and forcefully in favor of executive action - murder of heads of state - a position of which he later recanted. however, i believe that the press descended on him in order to warn him about straying off the reservation. i remember that for months on end he spoke about press correspondents being in the front row of his lectures. i suspect that they were there as friendly advice to not say something he might regret.

thieme was basically running a brainwashing campaign. whether he truly believed all of the crap he shoveled or was himself a victim is hard to know.

after finding out much more about his background than i knew when listening to his tapes it makes sense that he was an easy target for intelligence manipulators. half the stories he told about his past were outright lies - judging from the reports of his very unofficial biographer.

i could say more but these few thoughts show my thinking about his politics and activities.