Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Was Lee Oswald?

Veteran scholar of the John Kennedy Assassination Joan Mellen has published another ground breaking study documenting Lee Harvey Oswald’s deep connections to US intelligence. She is perhaps best known for her work on Jim Garrison’s cutting edge investigations into the Kennedy assassination when he was district attorney for New Orleans. Her recent article, Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?, demolishes the Warren Commission’s pack of lies stating that Oswald was a lone sociopath. He was most emphatically not the president’s assassin.

Mellen of course is not presenting any new fundamental information but she has meticulously documented some obvious ties which Oswald had with US intelligence during the 1950s and 1960s starting with his tour with the Marines. Although Mellen does not cover all of Oswald’s intelligence connections she presents some of the more salient ones including his work for the CIA, FBI, and US Customs Intelligence while ommitting his US Naval Intelligence work. Two bits of explosive information provided include Oswald’s espionage work in the USSR plus his very high status as an intelligence agent.

This picture is totally at variance with the Warren Commission which spends relatively little space on Oswald out of the 26 volumes it issued to obfuscate and confuse the American public. The Commission completely hacks Oswald in the most shameful and deceitful manner in order to concoct the absurd story that Oswald single handedly assassinated JFK from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository on November 22, 1963.

We will not detail the ludicrousness of that story as others have thoroughly dismantled it elsewhere. The important point is that Oswald successfully entered and exited the USSR during the uber height of the Cold War; was debriefed by the CIA upon his return; married a high ranking KGB officer’s daughter; was known to be affiliated with many intelligence agencies; knew Jack Ruby; and held many menial jobs with their own interesting relationships. This is hardly the profile of a lone sociopath. If you want to see a sociopath, study the Columbine murderers who were more than likely MK Ultra victims.

What this means is that the CIA was directly involved in the Kennedy assassination cover up. I assert that it was directly involved in its planning and execution as well. The great pains which the CIA took to cover up its connections to Oswald are rather astounding considering that Oswald was supposed to be a deranged loner.

The case against the CIA was established convincingly by Garrison and corroborated with additional evidence by Joan Mellen. There is no smoking gun to be sought. As in any other complex crime, the weight of the evidence need merely be assembled to establish the basis for conviction. Garrison and Mellen have done this. The endless navel gazing over the identity of the Kennedy killers can stop and trivial pursuit of arcane evidence can desist. Oswald was not the President’s murderer. In fact, Oswald was never on the 6th floor of the TSBD nor on the 5th floor from which one of the many shots was fired.

When the Oligarchs determined to murder Kennedy, Oswald was a convenient patsy who had been prepped by months of careful manipulation by his CIA handlers to take the rap. Oswald spake sooth when he declared that he was just the patsy.

As for the immediate case of the CIA and Oswald my thesis is thus– Oswald was sent to the USSR to provide technical information so that the Soviets could shoot down Gary Powers in order to sabotage Eisenhower’s détente initiatives. Eisenhower briefed JFK on this episode which resulted in his brother Robert developing a keen interest in Oswald so that the Kennedys could monitor CIA activity against them. This probably explains in part Kennedy’s wish to splinter the CIA although certainly the Bay of Pigs must factor into their distrust of that dark organization. Because RFK feared that his very early knowledge of Oswald would be exposed by Garrison’s investigation, he went full out to destroy it by unleashing his attack hack Walter Sheridan against Garrison. Whether he did this to prevent political embarrassment or because he feared CIA retaliation is something yet to be determined.

The 45th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination finds us making great strides in the resolution of this national night mare – a night mare perpetuated by very powerful forces within and without government including most notably the press. It is time to throw away the quackery about Lee Oswald being the president's killer and recognize that only an organization with the sophistication and vast resources of the CIA could kill a president.

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